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Plot Summary and Review of the Film Amadeus

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An elderly man who goes by the name of Antonio Salieri claims that he killed Amadeus Mozart. His servants tried getting him to eat some food to make him exit his bedroom, but he didn’t want to leave. The servants heard a loud noise coming from Antonio’s room. He was on the ground, bloodied because he cut his throat. He tried to kill himself. His servants took him to a hospital to heal him. He ended up making it through this horrific injury. A priest named Father Vogler came and visited Antonio to help Antonio heal his feeling of guiltiness.

Antonio asked the man if he had any musical experience. Vogler informs him that he learned a bit way back in elementary. Salieri played some notes for the priest and asks him if he has heard of the song. Vogler did not know the song and it hurt Antonio’s feelings. Antonio tells Father Vogler that he wrote the song. Antonio played some more notes for Father Vogler to listen to. Vogler didn’t have any clue what that song was either. Antonio tells Vogler about how he was one of the most notable composers in the country of Europe and how he made numerous works in his day. Antonio plays a final snippet of another song and Vogler identifies the song. He even went as far as to sing some extra notes and calls it a delightful song.

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Vogler was surprised and told Antonio that he didn’t know that he created that song. Antonio reveals to him that he didn’t write it, and Mozart in fact wrote it. Vogler then asks if Antonio if he enjoyed Mozart’s music. From that point on, the movie goes back into Salieri’s younger days. Salieri’s dad made it extremely hard for him to go chase his dream of a career in music. His dad viewed Amadeus as a puppet. The young Salieri is jealous that Mozart’s dad educated Amadeus on how he should make songs. A teenaged Antonio made a promise to God, saying if God makes him a well-known musician, he will be devoted to him. Soon after he finished praying, his dad dies after choking. Antonio thinks that his dad dying is a blessing. The passing of his dad lets him research and learn music in the city of Vienna. Later In the picture, we get to learn about Amadeus’ character. He had dreams like a grown man but looked like and acted like he was little. Antonio Salieri thought it was unfair how Amadeus was so gifted but so rude.

In retrospect, this was an extraordinary film. This film was the embodiment of what I thought the classical period would be like. I also enjoyed the musical pieces in the film as well. Even though I never experienced that period and never will, it felt like I was in fact there. It was sort of nostalgic in a sense I would for sure watch this film again.


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