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Plot Summary Of Children Of Dust By Ali Eteraz

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Children of Dust starts off by Abir going off on his journey of religious findings. Trying to find where he comes from and looking for unanswered questions. He wants to learn more about him, his name and what his background is. At a young age, he learns about a place far up from the heavens called, Koh-e-Qaf. This place is also a good hiding spot for wives when they want to escape their husbands. Which I think is pretty nifty, I wouldn’t mind one of those when I get married. Koh-e-Qaf was created but the universe was not very happy since it was made in such a secret says Ammi.

At the age of seven Abir learns about what sinning is. Soon after he ends up doing a sin, by asking a lady to show him her “lady parts” and gets in a lot of trouble later on. There this day called “Judgement day” and it’s when they pick who goes to “Paradise” or who goes to “hell”. Allah takes them from their grave and rises them from above and that’s when everyone gathers. Once the breeze blows by and the paper lands on their hand that is the paper that makes the final “decision”. Left hand means hell, and right hand means paradise. I think it was weird or interesting that the “paper” makes this decision, but how does it know? Is this paper landing by random? Or is there an official way this wind blows? There are just many different questions about this paper blowing. It was surpassing to me when Abir aunt put his paper in his left hand. She wanted to get a point across to him stating that he was in fact being punished for his actions the other day. While he received his paper he also got a pencil which he was forced to write “I ask Allah for forgiveness” over 100 times in the neatest handwriting he had.

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This was a good lesson in my option, because I can relate to his punishment. When I was younger my parents would make, me write “I will not do (whatever my punishment was)” not as many times as Abir had to nor as neat but writing it over and over gets annoying, I could never imagine 100 times. Abir lost his little brother so there were mourning rituals in honor for that. The good and the bad between Islam and Christianity is that christens believe that the body of Christ is in the form of bread and wine, and the wine is his (god) blood. So, all in all Abir does find more about himself and he ends up changing his name to Abu Bakr Ramaq after finding things out about his family. Reading this book, it made opened my eyes about the other religions. Also, being Muslim is no flower in the garden. I’m not that big on knowing my religion, I mostly only known catholic since that is what I grew up as, but now I know more and more about all the different lives and ways people believe or how they see the big man up there. Learning more about this I’m not a huge fan about this.


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