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“Fifty shades darker” starts with Christian’s nightmare: he sees himself as a little boy, chased and abused by his father, and this scene is no way useful for disclosing his character: we just know that his dad was a jerk- that is it. After this, we see Anastasia, who is now working at a publishing house specializing in fiction novels. Anastasia’s new boss, jack, seems to like her, but she prefers to not notice this. Her friend Jose invites her to his exhibition of photography, and there she sees that a number of photos are her portraits. This entire scene with the exhibition serves one goal: to show how Christian is still obsessed with her. A bit later, jack invites Anastasia to have a drink in the bar, and whom do you think they meet there? Right, Christian. He tells jack he is her boyfriend and takes Anastasia away. During the course of film, Anastasia meets a strange woman, who seems to know her, but claims that she just mistook her for someone else. Later, when Anastasia sees this woman’s photo in Christian’s apartment, he explains that this is his ex-girlfriend who had married another man, who then died, and now he is having a nervous breakdown. How the hell does he know all this? Well, he has got a file on her. Anastasia suspects he has also got a file on herself, and she is right. As if she already has not figured out what kind of man Christian is, Anastasia leaves his apartment in shock, and does not speak to him for a couple of days. And once again, this changes nothing, because later Christian invites Anastasia to a charity ball, she agrees, they meet Elena, who is Christian’s current business partner, former sex partner, and the person responsible for Christian becoming a BDSM.

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The rest of the plot is a dull and pointless as the parts described above. Jack, Anastasia’s boss, tries to rape her, she reports it to Christian, who fires Jack using his connections in the publishing house. After firing Jack, Christian makes Anastasia the new head of the publishing house. Corruption in action. Leyla, the hysterical ex-lover of Christian, makes an attempt to kill Anastasia, but Christian is there once again. Oh, I forgot that Christian is a stalker – remember him buying out all of Anastasia’s photos, or profiling his exes? I guess he peeps on her on every convenient occasion, ignoring the fact that he is a successful millionaire running a serious business. Christian offers Anastasia to move to his place, gets her acquainted with his parents, and proposes marriage to her. After another insignificant event, Anastasia accepts his proposal, the end.

Finally, this is not to mention the acting, costumes, and numerous flubs. For example, before the scene where Christian and Anastasia have sex during the charity ball, she has one set of underwear, whereas during sex, she has another one. I guess she carries around a pack of garments. Anastasia’s hair must be super-greasy, or I do not know how else to explain that after walking under rain, her hair remains dry. The text messages that change on their own. It has too boring sex scenes and cardboard characters make “Fifty Shades Darker” a mediocre movie, which is not worth its age rating. I bet teenagers of 15-16 years nowadays know more about sex than Christian, Anastasia, and the movie’s director combined together.

If you want to have a good laugh, gather your friends and turn on “Fifty Shades Darker”: I guarantee you will feel like experienced film critics while watching this. Other than this, there are no excuses for watching the movie.

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