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The device “Flow” is a small portable device that can monitor the pollution levels in the air. There is also the benefit of “Flow” being a wearable device so users can attach it to their bag or maybe their clothing and it is no bigger than the palm of their hand. This is useful for people that live in big cities as there tends to be a lot of pollution around these areas. This device will allow the user to see how much pollution there is in the air and whether or not it is potentially dangerous. “Flow” tracks any out of the ordinary pollution levels and tells the user if it finds any pollution. “Flow” works in partnership to the user’s mobile device, telling them what routes to take to receive the freshest air and what pathways they should probably avoid. “Flow” was set to ship a little before June 2018 and it was developed by Plume Labs. At standard price, “Flow” cost about $199 but when pre-ordered, users could get it for a slightly cheaper price of $139. In English currency the normal price is £179. 99 or if people ordered the product earlier, they could get it for £29. 99. Plume was originally originated from Paris, founded in 2014 by Lacombe and David Lissmyr but has now been established in San Francisco making it a big difference in change.

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A Plume CEO, cofounder Romain Lacombe stated, “With personal sensors, actionable device, and crowdsourced data, we can arm people and communities with the tools to tackle the dramatic urban air pollution crisis – and help all of us find clean air, together. ” This quote shows that he really does take air pollution seriously and that he cares for the health and safety of every individual that deals with pollution is places such as big cities. [image: Image result for air pollution]The good thing about “Flow” is that it works indoors and outdoors, tracking things from nitrogen dioxide to factors such as the temperature and humidity. It uses lights as a display, if several red lights show then it means that the person has been walking through polluted areas. The product is now out and people can buy it. People are already using “Flow” in London, exactly 100 users helped in aiding the company to sample 500,000 data points over 1,300 miles’ worth of sidewalks. The “Flow” can really benefit people and help them to make healthy life changes. This would be especially useful to people that live in the city that may have respiratory or cardiovascular issues as they know what places to avoid so as not to create a problem. A person called Doussin expressed his concerns for the pollution issue, “The problem that we have with air quality is that it is an invisible problem.

These devices make the invisible visible. ” Many people love the Plume “Flow” however, some people think that this device seems a bit excessive. Excessive in the sense of, they care for “my health, but I’m not sure I care that much. ” Cost also has a part to play on how popular this product becomes over time. For example, if it doesn’t appear to cost much to the people, they may be willing to try the product. However, if it is expensive to the person, they may not try the product as they may [image: Image result for what is pollution]think they didn’t really need that product anyway, especially when the “Flow” could be seen as excessive. However, having this device near them might not be as excessive as some may think. A MIT study says that “Pollutants from car exhausts cause more deaths in the US every year than road accidents” and in the UK, it turns out that daily, 90% are breathing in highly polluted air.

There really aren’t that many disadvantages to the Plume “Flow” as it is really cheap to get for most, it has accurate tracking to tell the user the rate of pollution and it is portable and easy to carry or attach to a bag or clothing. “Flow” works by sucking in the polluted air using a “360-degree valve” and once it has sucked in the air it can scan it for any particulate matter that should not be there and then uses the red or green lights to tell the user whether or not the air is majorly polluted or if it okay to breathe. Future trends: Increasing reliance on remote support: What is VNC and what are the advantages? [image: Image result for vnc]VNC stands for Virtual Network computing and it allows remote access to a user’s computer. This means that what is displayed on the screen of one computer can be controlled and seen remotely and from another computer. This is particularly handy when it comes to IT Technicians as it allows them to fix issues on the user’s computer that they may not have been able to fix themselves.

There is also the distance advantage, ensuring that an IT technician’s job is a lot easier. It is more convenient to fix some issues in this way because it means that the IT technician doesn’t need to leave their desk. This allows flexibility to the IT technician as they can do their job from anywhere. This is important because if they have to work in a time frame, trying to travel there would be difficult to do in a short span of time depending on where the user is and it is potentially a waste of fuel. As Apple technicians tell the user what to click to fix the issue, there is also the benefit of learning. The user can learn how to fix this issue and better understand their computer so that if the same/similar problem occurs again, they know how to fix it without the need for assistance. What are the disadvantages of remote support? However, there are some disadvantages to using remote support. It can be costly to install the software needed to get remote support running, not something that everybody wants to pay for. They may worry that it is not a secure network and that hackers or other people could gain access to their computers. There is also the problem that not all users trust the technicians when they in control of their computer.

There is the worry that they could access documents that they would perhaps prefer for the technician not to see. On the other hand, this isn’t an issue to be worried about as the user will be able to see everything that the technician is doing ensuring that the technician remains honest. Also, it is very unlikely that a technician would look at any files or other information while the use is looking or unless there is an issue with a specific file. It turns out that over 70% of IT issues that users face can be solved through the use of remote access. What do Microsoft and Apple do differently to each other? Depending on what system the user has and who they ask for help can depend on the type of help they receive. Microsoft technicians will take control of the user’s computer to fix the issue and inform the user once the issue has been resolved whereas Apple technicians don’t take control. They can see the same thing as the user just like Microsoft technicians, but instead of taking over, they tell the user what to click on and they appreciate the user’s permission the whole way through the process. They also say to the user that if they are having any concerns or they no longer want their help, they can just disconnect from the network at any given time. Remote access is always user friendly. However, more people may prefer the Apple support due to the hands-on feel it provides, allowing the user to learn how to fix the issue with the comfort of knowing there is guidance and support just in case they press or do something wrong.

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