Advantages of Single Sex Schools: Less Distraction Plus Proper Learning Style Gives Better Educational Achievements

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Throughout much of history, separate education of boys and girls was the norm. (encyclopedia) Single-sex education involve the teaching of one sex in a class or school. The students in a single-sex school are constantly surrounded by those of the same sex. There the students learn and have several organizations the same as coeducational schools. In the late 1970’s, researchers began to note higher levels of female academic achievement at single-sex schools compared to coeducational schools. (encyclopedia) Students in a single-sex school learn better because they are not distracted, they are more confident and comfortable being surrounded by those of the same sex, and teachers teach using learning styles that fit the sex.

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Students in single-sex schools are not distracted. In many coeducational schools students may be distracted by the opposite sex. Whenever boys and girls are together their behavior inevitably reflects the larger society in which they live. (encyclopedia) Students may do things to attract the opposite sex. Females may begin to apply makeup to their faces and began to do different hair styles just to impress others. It’s been proven that, without the interruption of the other sex, both do a good job of learning. (Vail,3) Several students want to impress the others.They may act out and do certain things just to get the approval of others. Karen Stabiner explains in her book “All Girls: Single-Sex Education and Why It Matter”, her reason for writing the book. She was approached by her friend and asked about what kind of school she should put her child in. Karen Stabiner had a three year old and couldn’t answer the question. Statistics explained that by the time her daughter and her friends graduated from high school, too many of them would be unsure of themselves. They would look at images in the media and find themselves wanting. Girls who had talent to pursue advanced work in math or science may not because they doubted their own abilities in these fields. She explained how in the coed schools visited females judged themselves on how they look or whether the boys liked them.

Freed from the worries of impressing the opposite sex, boys and girls can focus on their books. (Vail,3)

Several parents are worried about their kids being in coed schools. For girls, the central lesson on coed middle and high school seemed to be about limitations. (Karen,2) Kids are introduced to several negative influences in coeducational schools. Public concerns about sexual freedom; a rise in unmarried particularly teenage-pregnancy; and growth of sexually transmitted diseases led to a reexamination of co educational policies. (encyclopedia) Single-sex schools are more disciplined.The students are not eager for the attention of others. They understand the reason of them attending school, which is to get an education and graduate on to something better.Single-sex school students learn better because they are not distracted by the several influences of the world. Educational reformers began to explore the feasibility of all-male academies, to provide an environment free of distractions in which these students could focus. (encyclopedia) Religious groups agreed that single-sex classes are more effective.Catholics objected to the practice on moral and religious grounds, arguing that it raised the spectre of promiscuity and invited unhealthy competition between the sexes. (encyclopedia)

Students in single-sex schools are more confident being surrounded by those of the same sex. single -sex schools free students from gender stereotypes. (4 advantages of single-sex schools) Being around the same-sex allows the students to express themselves without the opposite sex teasing or judging them. People know girls as being feminine and boys as being masculine. Students in single-sex schools can gravitate without embarrassment towards non traditional subjects. (4 advantages of single-sex schools) Boys develop slower than girls. In single-sex schools boys are introduced to an atmosphere where they can be free to enhance their inner feelings and emotions. single -sex education can broaden the educational prospects for both girls and boys. (single-sex education) Guys can be comfortable and confident doing what they love whether it be poetry, art, or music. A young boy who attended a single sex school might pursue his dream of Broadway acting because his learning environment made him feel confident and encouraged, whereas he might have struggled to feel accepted in a coed environment.(How single sex school boost self-esteem) Guys sometimes show interest in things that may seem feminine to others.Boys in the single-sex school seem to be particularly sensitive to feelings of alienation from their fathers and perceived paternal depression.(coren,931)

Splitting the students by their sex pushes them out of their comfort zone. It helps them to get to know other students better. Once students are in single-gender classrooms, girls and boys are more likely to break out their traditional roles. Girls speak up, participate and become leaders. Boys feel it’s acceptable to be collaborative.(Vail,4) In single sex schools girls are talkative . they like to stand up for themselves and defend themselves. In single-sex schools girls like to hold discussions and talk about things going on in society.Being in single-sex schools help the students to be more outspoken Girls exhibits an eagerness to participate in discussions and a willingness to ask for help in front of other girls. (Teresa,5) During in an experiment in Virginia in 1995,100 eighth graders were separated just for math and science courses . Almost immediately girls began to achieve more, become more confident, and participate more often in class. (CRC Health Group) Karen Stabiner explains in her book how she carried around a rather musty, fussy and completely uninformed image of what a girls’ school must be: the sort of place where a child of privilege learned how to crook her little finger while she drank tea. She explained how wrong she was about judging the single-sex school. Before she thought the girls seemed arrogant, but then she came to the conclusion that they weren’t arrogant they were self-confident, comfortable with themselves in a way she wasn’t used to.Vail also explained how when she walked into the classroom the girls would be raising their hands and participating more fully. Boys in the single-sex schools were being more supportive and there was less giggling if they had to read poetry

Benefits of same-sex schooling are somewhat intangible: a better, safer school atmosphere, more school pride and spirit, and high self-esteem. (Vail, 2)

Teachers teach using learning styles that fit the sex. Boys and girls learn differently. (Teresa, 7) When the students are split into their sexes, teachers could then use creative ways to help that person learn, depending on the sex. A driving force in the single-sex education movement is recent research showing natural differences in how males and females learn. (single-sex education) For example because guys are more competitive and enjoy running more than females , a good learning game could involve them racing to the board to write the answer to a word problem. This opens the door for guys to open up to each other and teachers.

In the United States parts of the rationale for single-sex schooling is the view that adolescent create a culture in that is at odds with academic performance and achievement. (Teresa, 4)

Females in single-sex schools learning styles involve discussions and hands on learning.

The teacher is responsible for designing the environment in the classroom using space, movement and collaboration in order to accommodate different learning styles. (Teresa,7)

In coeducational schools students are all taught material exactly the same. When Cornellus Riordan, professor of sociology studied data on minorities attending catholic schools, he found that black and latino students in single-gender school academically outperformed their peers in coed catholic schools. (Vail, 4) Some of the students may find some of the material hard to understand because of the way the teacher presents the material to the students. Several students are used to particular learning styles. In a single-sex physics class 87.5% of the girls made an ‘A’ and 12.5% of the girls made a ‘B’, whereas in the coeducational class only 4.3%of the girls made an ‘A’, 14.3% made an ‘B’, and 71.4% made a ‘C’. (Teresa, 5) Several students in coeducational schools may give up on trying to understand.They may feel that because they are not understanding what’s going on then maybe school’s just not for them, and give up on school.

In coeducational settings, the culture is one of socialization where for some academics may not be a priority. (Teresa, 4) Compared to coeducational schools, single-sex academic improvement levels are far above the radar. An Australian study of 270,000 students found that both girls and boys performed significantly higher on standardized test when they attended gender-specific schools.(CRC Health Group) The scores from test are extremely satisfying. At Baltimore’s Western High School the percentage of students who pass Maryland state achievement test seldom dips below 98%. (education digest,1) If majority of the schools were single-sex schools, our state would be more thriving. Even in morally liberal society such as the United States, recent development suggest that there is a natural limit to the extent of coeducational appeal. (encyclopedia) As a state, the students would know fairly more and would appreciate the value of school more. The use of single-sex classes and schools can reflect important and legitimate efforts to improve educational outcomes for all students. (Vail,3) Students that attended single-sex schools are doing well for themselves Several will attest that the experience of attending a single-sex school was worth it. Last year nearly all of Western’s graduating class went on to college, and alumni include a federal judge, civic leaders, politicians, actors, and philanthropists. (Vail,1)

The purpose of school is to educate students so that when they graduate they’ll know how to go about in society. Educators’ motivation is to maximize academic achievement and intellectual development so upon entering the real world both sexes are better equipped to function together. (Teresa, 4) Students are better off in single-sex schools because they get a better education.They actually learn in ways that will benefit them in the future.The classroom environment is an additional factor affecting student learning. (Teresa, 7) Students learn better in single-sex schools because they are not distracted. Advocates of single-sex education have suggested that all-boys schools foster healthy socioemotional development by cross-gender distractions, paving the way for more nurturing and less competitive academic and social environments. (Sidney, 931) Students are more confident and comfortable when they are surrounded by those of the same sex. Teachers teach using learning styles that fit the sex. 34 single-sex public schools were in operation in 2004.That number jumped 25-fold in 10 years.( The Resurgence of single-sex education)

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