Pocahontas as a Story that Ruin Your Childhood

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There have been many major events and actions people have taken in the past to create what we call history. However, what we hear and learn today may or may not be the whole truth. Many stories in history are absolutely inaccurate and incorrect. One event that was very surprising and interesting was the story of the titanic. They even made a movie called , The Titanic, which is supposed to be based on a true story, but how true is it? After years and years of telling the story, the story has changed due to the fictional input throughout the movie. They embellished details to make the story more interesting. This caused people through decades to believe that the Titanic was a dramatic love story. In the fictional version, Rose and Jack romantically fall in love on a boat that came from Southampton and was making its way to New York. On this ship, you can visually see in the movie the different social classes combined due to their clothing and manors.

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 Rose was part of the first class and Jack was part of the third class and they met and fell in love. Towards the end, the ship hits an iceberg and all chaos breaks through. The first and second class were able to escape and the third class was trapped below the decks. They were only letting women and their children on the lifeboats first and the men had to stay behind. Rose was put on a lifeboat to be brought to safety, she then jumped off it and found her way back to jack. The ship ended up sinking and Jack ended up saving Rose’s life by putting her on a board, meanwhile Jack freezed to his death in the ocean. Rose ends up living a long life and reunites Jack after her death. The whole main idea of the two love birds falling in love is not even realistic in real life. According to the article, . “Titanic: 20 Differences Between the Movie and the Real Story.” The Active Times, 2020,, it states,”Despite Rose giving him an invitation and providing a slick suit, there’s no way Jack would’ve been permitted in first class. Back then, they were very big on dividing the classes, Rose would have been able to go to the third class, however, Jack would have not been able to go to the first class, it was not allowed. Realistically, they would have never met in the first place. The third floor was used as an isolation for the immigrants to stay upon arrival just in case they had infections or diseases. Lastly, the third class was not trapped under the decks, it took them longer however to get to the lifeboats due to the fact they were isolated from everyone. It is the little things in this tragic story that make you think what else in history is twisted.

Furthermore, another story which will kind of ruin your childhood a little bit is the story of Pocahontas. She was not just your typical princess, there is a whole story and meaning behind her. In the disney story she has a powerful father who wants her to marry a nattive warrior. She falls in love with John Smith, an Englishman, whom she met when he and his men arrived in Jamestown. The Englishman were going to find “gold,” which is non-existent, they did not care who they killed in the process. Even though their people were against them being together they did not care. The story ends sadly with Pocahontas not ending up with James. However, they kept their people from fighting a war between each other, and that’s more of an award. According to Gallagher, Caitlin. “Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ Vs. History’s Pocahontas.” Bmj, vol. 322, no. 7280, 2001, doi:10.1136/bmj.322.7280.s3a-7280, the truth behind this story is that Pocahontas is not even her real name, it’s Matoaka. In reality, Pocahontas was ten years old and James Smith was twenty-seven, therefore, they were not romantically involved. James likes to say Pocahontas saved his life due to the fact that he was captured by the chief’s younger brother, they did not meet instantly when James first made it to Virginia. Both the englishman and the natives realized they both feared the spanish and eventually came together to form an alliance. She ended up marrying a nattive, named John Rolfe, and they had a child.

In conclusion, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into history. Some historical movies or shows can eventually twist the whole true version of the event.   

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