Poem of the Week: Sympathy by Paul Laurence Dunbar

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Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote a poem "Sympathy" that was published in 1899, The poem inspired lots of people including Maya Angelou and Alicia Keys. Maya Angelou wrote a poem and Alicia Key wrote a song, they both named it "Caged Bird". As a matter of fact, Caged Bird is all about racism and breaking free to reach the dreams of freedom. However, the three pieces have a lot of commonality, but also have differences because each bird symbolizes a different theme, mood and tone.

In the three pieces, the difference is that in "Sympathy", the bird shows more aggressiveness in his action's than the Caged bird does, Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote in stanza two line 8-9 and that means the bird were really serious and fought for freedom, but in the "Caged Bird" the bird were more calm and patience and didn't show that much aggressiveness instead the bird was singing for his freedom he was singing to expresses his pain. And the similarities all of the three poems showed that the bird was suffering from being prisoned in the cage and the main themes is freedom, Prison and captivity are strongly related to this theme in other words, a lack of hope. the phrase is being used multiple times as she explains both the birds to create freedom as the primary theme.

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Maya Angelou's poem is approximately longing the 'caged bird,' this creature whose exceptionally nature is to fly and to meander, is stolen from him. It is singing for flexibility that it doesn't have. So, indeed more than yearning, at that point, characteristic in this sonnet is the feeling of seriously torment and pity that comes in conjunction with yearning. What's critical to get it approximately an essayist like Maya Angelou is that she's intensely concerned with issues like Civil Rights and the buildups of servitude. A few individuals within the 18th and 19th centuries guarded servitude since they would listen the working slaves singing on the ranch and understand this singing a sign of bliss: individuals sing since they are upbeat, was portion of the claim and defense for this horrifying and dehumanizing institution. What Maya Angelou tells us here, in a lyric like this, is often that the singing isn't approximately delight, but, really, very the opposite it's approximately yearning for a bliss that one has been denied. The tone varies throughout. It is wistful, angry, and hopeful. The poem's tone is also sympathetic as the speaker expresses a sympathetic identification with the caged bird.

By viewing my similarities, I learned that oppressions come back from several things not withstanding what color or race you're. within the verse form "Sympathy" by Paul Laurence and "I know why the caged bird sing" by Maya Angelou each speaks on attempting to interrupt free and dreams concerning their freedom. Paul Laurence "Sympathy" lines 8-9 he's beating his wings against the cage to achieve his freedom he doesn't care if his blood is stained onto the cage. Maya Angelou "I know why the caged bird sings" lines 27-28 This bird his wings area unit clipped and feet area unit tied therefore he sings to symbolize his freedom. notwithstanding what oppressions these birds were facing they still tried to earn their freedom.

the tree pieces reveal the struggles they faced of tortures were enough. Many times, others would be pain on the within, however several don't categorical it on the skin. they appear to cover their scars behind a mask; therefore, others wouldn't assume their delicate.

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