Phases of Lifetime in "The Bells" by Edgar Allan Poe

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Have you ever thought about the stages of your life? “The Bells” by Edgar Allan Poe, explains the phases of a lifetime. The ringing of a bell represents a big thing in life. The theme of this essay is the passing of time in someone’s life.

The first phase in life is when the person is born to a toddler. The quote, “From the jingling and tinkling of the bells.” The narrator is young and active. The tinkling is happiness in the toddler’s eyes, and jingling might be the toys they are playing with. Another quote is, “With crystalline delight.” this is when the narrator is young and new to the world. Everything is new and fresh to the toddler. They are free and do whatever they want with no worries in the world.

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Another part where the bells are talking about marriage is when the narrator says, “The swinging and the tinkling of the bells.” This means the joy and happiness and foreverness of marriage. The twinkling represents the smiles of the people, another quote from the story is, “On the future how it tells.” This means they promise to stay together forever and they vow to do it with the priest.

The next reason this poem is about life is that he happily delivers the poem. The happiness in life, like when you learn something new, or you get a surprise. The quote is, “How they tinkle/ in the icy air of the night.” This quote means each time a bell rings there is another happy moment. Another quote that means happiness is, “From the molten golden notes.” This shows the brightness and happiness in life. The repetition of good things in life.

There are different ways the narrator describes the bells for different phases. For instance, the poem says, “Keeping of time/ as he knells.” Means knelling is a bell sound that people play at a sad event or a funeral. That also means the narrator is waiting for someone to die. Things are happening slowly. Another part where the bells mean the passing of time in someone’s life. This is when the story says, “ To the swinging and the ringing of the bells.” This is the sound of someone getting married. The cheer and happiness.

In conclusion, “The Bells” is a poem about life and the events in life. The stages of being born, married, hard times, and dying. All by the sound of ringing bells. Each time the bell would ring, a phase of a lifetime was happening. The story shows everything a person goes through. The theme is the passing of time in someone’s life. 

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