Point of View - Margaret “Maddie” Brodatt

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Relationship to meaning: As a female pilot during WW2 and Julie’s best friend outside of the prison, Maddie, provides the audience with another side of the story and reveals the truth that Julie couldn’t tell because the Nazis read everything she wrote; the reader learns Julie’s true characteristics through Maddie’s narration.

Plot Structure

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Exposition- As part 2 begins, the reader encounters a mind-blowing revelation Maddie is not dead. Maddie reveals what happened the day of the accident in the plane. She explains the SOE agents who rescued her from the plane were surprised that she was not whom they were expecting, but they were also impressed that she had survived the accident and had been able to successfully deliver their dynamite. They took the opportunity to destroy 11 wireless sets and to get rid of a German Sentry that they had shot earlier. Days later Maddie is hiding in the attic of a farmer whose family are members of the French Resistance.

Inciting Incident- As the story progresses the reader learns Maddie is in a lot of trouble. She is stuck in France without her identity papers, and she wasn’t even supposed to be in France. The people of Damask, a French resistance group, help Maddie hide by giving her a false identity. As she waits for a British flight to get her out of France, she starts working with them to find Julie and complete Julie’s mission.

Events contributing to rising action- Maddie writes that she gave Engel a tube of lipstick with instructions about how to contact them. Engel also left Julie’s scarf for her at a local cafe, the place where they would leave each other messages. The scarf had a message written on it with invisible ink informing them that Julie and 18 other prisoners would be moved to a concentration camp later that night.

Climax (Crisis/turning point)- Julie is being transported to the concentration camp when the Damask circuit ambushes the van. The

attempt to rescues Julie fails, and Julie begs Maddie to shoot her by screaming “Kiss me, Hardy!” before the Nazis can take her to the concentration camp to continue being tortured.


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