Points to Consider When Selecting a Closed Caption Service

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In an era of rapid technological advancement and a number of service providers, the task of choosing the right service provider becomes difficult as all claim to be perfect with their advanced technology, efficient human resources, and accuracy. With the visual medium becoming more and more important, closed captions, or CC as it’s normally referred to, provide an easy way to understand content. Creating Closed Captions is a technical process that needs human interference. Today, multiple companies provide Closed Captioning services as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is strictly implemented to protect the civil rights of people with disabilities by all federal entities. To sift through various available options, it is important to understand customer the requirement to enhance user experience.

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Things one needs to keep in mind while choosing Closed Captioning Services are:

  • Accuracy rate: If you have already noticed the trend of portraying Closed Captioning Services, you might have seen that in most cases vendors promise 99% accuracy. However, as per FCC guidelines, it is essential to have Closed Captions for every clip but the accuracy level is not mentioned anywhere. It so happens that sometimes, vendors provide a lesser accuracy percentage as against the promised 99%, one of the reasons why the service has to be tried before choosing a vendor.
  • Captioning Process: ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) is good for Closed Captions, but human interference is required in areas where the transcript is riddled with lack of speaker identification, inconsistencies, and hazy sound effects. A service that provides a healthy combination of both technical and human interference would be the right one to choose.
  • Turnaround Time: Knowing the vendor’s turnaround time is important while choosing the right Closed Captioning Service. Sometimes the customer needs files to be captioned within a day and the vendor should be capable of doing that. It is essential to know the standard turnaround before choosing the service. It is also important to know about extended turnaround options as at times, vendors offer discounts for an extended turnaround and this can help save money.
  • Hidden Costs and More: Advertised cost versus actual cost can sometimes vary as some vendors charge extra to achieve certain levels of accuracy or speed.. Ensure there are no such hidden terms.
  • Secure intellectual property: Giving away the video asset to an arbitrator for closed captions is complex because there is always the risk of video footage getting leaked. A secure vendor will always come up with the assurance of keeping the video safe. Why can Digital Nirvana be the best vendor for your Closed Caption Service? For the past two decades, Digital Nirvana has been working tirelessly to provide its customers with cost effective and highly accurate Closed Captions for video assets. Choosing Digital Nirvana as your Closed Caption service provider can be beneficial both from a cost and accuracy perspective. Here’s why:
  • A healthy combination of automation and customization like customer edit feature ensures that the final product has an accuracy rate much better than industry standards. Digital Nirvana offers both Live Streaming and Post Production captioning services with flexible turnaround times, and can work on any audio format and provide output audios in the format requested.
  • DN, with its cloud based architecture ensures security and smooth transfer of files. Feel free to get in touch with our experts if you would want more information about any aspect of our work. We take pride on being available to our customers 24X7.

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