Pole Dance: Future Olympic Sport?


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The Pole Dance or Pole fitness is a discipline that goes back to the England of the 80s and has more and more followers.

Surely when we think of Pole Dance we relate it to places like bars or discos with stripers, in reality nothing is further from this, each time there are always more participants who take it as a true sport, even many gyms offer it every time always more often. Like other disciplines, Pole Dance can be a sport like any other, in the same way that a person goes to the gym, to running or to tennis class. WHAT IS IT AND HOW IT IS PRACTICAL

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The Pole Dace is a combination of dance and fitness whose main element is a fixed vertical bar on which the dancer performs his/her activity.

It takes a great strength and coordination, because we have to support our own weight at the same time we do the exercise. All the postures and movements that are carried out require work at the muscular level throughout our body, so a good base is required for all those who want to start in the challenge, although there are classes for beginners where the coaches help you to get confidencet with this discipline.


This discipline improves both muscle tone and helps the cardiovascular system, improves balance and increases strength and endurance, as well as encouraging creativity due to the exercises that are combined with dance.

In a Pole Dance class you can burn 400 to 800 kalories depending on the intensity of the class. It is a very complete discipline that helps well-being in general.BEGINNINGS AND ORIGINS OF THE POLE DANCE:

Its origins are very old, they have been around for over 200 years and they are related to the use of ‘mallkhamb’, a kind of gymnastic pillar to practice yoga and increase muscular strength of oriental origin. It also has a relationship with the circus world of the twentieth century. Later it was introduced in the ‘cabarets’ of the decade of the fifties and were performed by dancers who usually ended up doing a ‘striptease’, hence its association with the night world.

Despite the existence of Pole Dance championships, this discipline is to be introduced as a sport at the Olympic level.

In a 2014 interview the president of the IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation) declared “everyone sees that we are moving and everyone is realizing that we are moving forward, everyone has realized that we have achieved our goals. It may be in 2024, 2028 or 2032, what I’m sure is that it’s going to happen that we’re in an Olympic Games. “

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