Policies Needed to Adapt by Companies because of Covid 19

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In an attempt to effectively control public health practices, the South Korea government rigorously implemented classic public-health tools which integrated technology. Examples include mass testing of people through the drive-through model and rigorous contact tracing using technology with real-time integrated tracking and analytics [16].

Digital technology has also helped the Singaporean Government manage the crisis to help Singaporeans. The Singapore Government Technology Agency Singapore and Ministry of Health developed TraceTogether, a mobile app that supports Singapore’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing. Other efforts include AI-driven automated temperature screening, self-help temperature scanner, visitor registration system, a chatbot addressing questions from businesses related to COVID-19, and an official WhatsApp Government account provides citizens with national updates on the COVID-19 situation. These technological tools enable government agencies to better manage the COVID-19 outbreak by disseminating timely and reliable information to Singaporeans [17].

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Aside from caring for the peoples’ physical health, checking up on people’s mental health is vital as well as watching, reading or listening to news about COVID-19 can cause them to feel anxious or distressed. Clinical institutions and universities all over the world have opened online platforms to provide psychological counseling or healthcare services for people to check on their mental health. Video consultations are an online technology alternative to deliver psychological care and therapy. While it is an unusual method of therapy as face-to-face contact is still widely preferred, this method safeguards the health of not only the psychologist but the patient as well [18].

Educational institutions are also replacing traditional exams with online assessment tools as it acts as a lifeline for traditional institutions in these challenging times. In China, more than 180 million schoolchildren are staying home since schools are temporarily closed during this time of quarantine. However, this does not mean that learning is put on hold as lessons are taught in a different way. Students are being educated remotely using technology through a variety of online courses and electronic textbooks [19].

Companies and offices are also utilizing technology to continue their operations as they mandate their staff to adopt a work-from-home policy. Since employees are not bound by the traditional office environment, they can move around with their laptops in hand from a desk or a couch, from the safety of their own homes. They can simply use their own devices or computers with collaboration tools or software platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom enables them to open lines of communication with their colleagues without them having to worry about visibility. Due to this, meetings and events are now held through online video calls, helping employees feel connected and engaged despite working home.

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