Political Conspiracies of the United States: Business Plot

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The United States is a country filled with many conspiracies, from 9/11 to Trumps election. However, the one conspiracy that is the main focus of this essay is the “Business Plot”.

The “Business Plot” was a conspiracy plot to overthrow the current government by wealthy businessmen through the creation of a fascist veteran organization under Major General Smedly Bulter, who was the whistleblower of the conspiracy. The event took place during the Great Depression along with Franklin D. Roosevelt (also known as FDR) being elected as president, two key factors that will be discussed later. After researching the materials I have come across, including evidences and sources, I can at least state that I agree that the “Business Plot” was real. My reason for agreeing that the “Business Plot” may have been real is because of the time the events were taking place before and after FDR was elected, the events that occurred during the trial, and the action that were taking place. Even while I do not agree entirely with all the points, I can definitely agree that something was happening, which lead me to agree.

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Firstly, The historical events that took place during the revelation of the conspiracy were key factors that potential made the conspiracy plausible. Before FDR was elected, there was the Bonus Army, a group of World War 1(or WWI) veterans who got back from the war and were unable to find employment as they never got the skills 1to be able to work anywhere along with the Great Depression, which lead them to protest against the government for veterans’ bonus right away. The previous president, Herbert Hoover, was not too eager to give the bonus due to how US’s economy was at the time and poorly managed the situation when a few of the members went violent and the US Army used force to clear them up. FDR also took a similar stance with the exception of violence.

Among the Bonus Army was Smedley D. Butlers, the person who was the one who revealed about the potential conspiracy theory. After this time period, FDR was elected into office in the middle of the Great Depression. One of the FDR’s goal was to “reform” the countries economy, which means the induction of new acts, taxes, and regulation. This was not popular with the business community as it means that the cost to maintain their business may increase. The setting of the Business Plot was that wealthy business men wishes to overthrow the government with an army, which aligns with what the goal of the Business Plot due to FDR’s policy and the army being the Bonus Army. However, all this can also be a mere coincidence as there are no evidence to prove that the Bussiness Plot maybe related around these events.

Secondly, there were many things that occurred during the trial with the McCormack-Dickstein Committee that indicated that something was occurring. Gerald C. MacGuire, the one attempting to recruit Butler into the organization was the only figure to appear in the trial session. During MacGuire time on trial, he denied at one point that he was involved in the plot of a fascist organization and instead was politically active against the removal of the gold standard, which was one of the things FDR was trying to do at the time. This denial was quickly rejected when a witness gave a contradictory statement. Another thing was Butler’s testimony when inspected by the committee. MacGuire had received his funds from someone, but was unable to explain them as the trial was given a lot of telegrams that explained what transpired. According to the committee's findings, they found that MacGuire was traveling around to study facism as well as giving money to various organizations that Butler mentioned in his testimony, although some of those activities did not appeal to the committee as true.

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