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“Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.” This cocky line is what Tony Stark describes himself as in the Avengers. Although the movie’s genre is SF and Action, the movie’s popularity led to something much larger. For example, that line became popular and used as meme for a while, the avengers made a huge impact in popular culture. Recently, film industry has been seeing success in cultural contents. For example, Marvel and more specifically, Avengers. Marvel comics has been popular cultural contents for several decades. However, the movie franchise has created new super hero syndrome.

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One interesting thing about Marvel’s success is that even viewers who are not familiar with the characters such as Iron man or Hulk can easily become fans of Marvel. Each character has specific, distinguishable personalities that attracts new fans. The movie’s plot is strong, and its structure is well built. More importantly, they come together and becomes a team, work in tandem. Their great team work protects the Earth from alien invasion and its universal background and setting mesmerize audience.

Another attraction is that their Easter eggs and end-credit scenes through Marvel series expanded a view of the movie series’ background wider. Marvel has picked up all the foreshadows in previous movies before Avengers and showed their contingent plan. Through Iron man, Thor, and Captain America, Marvel developed a wide view of the world in the movie series. The Avengers has created a new method for audience to view characters with more amplified angle because new Thor or Iron Man movies will come out after shortly. People knew that Avengers were coming and heighten with expectation. This helped audience who did not know of Avengers to become aware of it and help them understand the back ground. When people watched Iron man they must have thought that it was an independent movie, however it had a connection with other movies, such a brilliant film production that shows how neat and complex the movie making process can be. Marvel lifted up film experience for audience to another level.

Marvel’s delicate connections with other movies in the series creates a beautiful story telling. Not only that Marvel developed different tastes. More importantly, social preferences. Marvel focuses on mesmerizing computer graphics and action. However, they do not forget to cast good looking actors to attract female audience and create feminist fighters like Black Widow. A female character that has a huge part in succeeding their mission and able to fight tough like male characters bring more satisfaction to female audience. Also, adds more contemporary analysis to original stories from comics that were old fashioned.

The main attraction is team work. For example, MLB All-start game could be interesting but not necessarily fun to watch. It is a rare occasion when super stars can get together but some watchers feel that the players are sparing of themselves and feel like that too many players seem like too many cooks spoiling the broth. Avengers’ character like Iron man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America already developed their certain roles in previous movies. In the movie Avengers, they focus on doing their roles and their personalities blend well together. Iron man was like a sarcastic comedian, Thor was Shakespeare in modern time era, and old fashioned bossy Captain America. Characters’ importance was equally distributed, and each show their combat power freely on their own.

They also have conflicts between characters in the movie, and show their dissonance such as Iron man, Thor and Captain America fighting one another or Hulk and Black widow. This conflict adds a great twist to a plot that could feel loose also gives a reason for them to grow better and become a better team together through becoming more familiar with one another.

Until Avengers, Marvel’s individual movies like Iron man and Captain America: First avenger showed the super heroes’ agony and growth; Their back grounds. So, Avengers could remove a big dilemma in story line, the movie seems more concise and becomes an exciting roller coaster ride with amazing visual impacts. Especially the long take scene at the end of the movie in Manhattan brilliantly express their team work. The movie shows an epic battle of Avengers without any conversion, show all the Avengers members, camera walk that rotates around them. Showing how actively they participate to save the world.

Another key factor to its success is its promotional web sites. They YouTube Channel, Facebook pages, web games and etc. Also, according to the, the Avengers was promoted during The Super Bowl 2012 and rated number one for movie advertisement. Not only that, The Avenger’s trailer broke the records of most viewed trailer in a 24-hour period, twice on iTunes. Also, according to Wikipedia, Marvel Studios conducted a global Twitter chat in January 2012, this kind of marketing was an interaction that fans wanted and generates more fandom. Potential viewers could easily get an information about the movie and spread about it and helped conducting word of mouth. Also, the fact that people expected the movie to be distractive because of many characters made arguments about the movie easily spread. Thus, people exchanged their opinions about the movie more and more word of mouth was generated.

Another key factor that led the avengers to success is its unique film sound. The movie express various emotions through sound. When Iron man appears for the first time in the movie, the song ‘Shoot to thrill’ was played, post synchronous sound. Sound and scene were synchronized purposely with the song’s lyrics “Shoot to thrill” when Iron man launches laser beam to Loki used as a dialogue. The song also described his personality and made his appearance looks like a rock star’s. The song was well picked and used like a voice of Tony Stark, lyrics of the song clearly express his narcissistic attitude. This kind of nondiegetic film sound element not only reflect characters’ personalities but adds more vivid color to the movie and give more of carefree theme like a cartoon where its origin is from. For its original sound track, ‘Arrival’ by Alan Silvestri expresses mysterious and splendor arrival of invaders by orchestra music, creating more immersions and tensions that attracts audience.

Sound editing is an excellent narrator throughout the movie. Rhythmic relationship like a sound of gong when Hulk catches falling Iron man and sound effects such as Thor’s hammer being thrown or picked up create more connection. These synchronized actions with sounds makes scenes smoother and bring audiences to the scene. The movie has many scenes that explode, and they must have caught very loud natural sound while filming. So, the actors must have conducted automated dialogue replacement and re-recorded their dialogues because their voices were buried. Throughout the movie, music is used to creates rhythm to action and natural sounds like screams of the people help audience to be more hooked into the movie.

The movie’s editing is well done to conduct story telling. For example, medium long take scene of Captain America running around in New York to get to police officers shows its distance between them and develops thrilling intensity. When Captain America gives an order to the police officer, eye line matched is used to show that they are next to each other and shows leadership of Captain America effectively: A leader with a determination. This eye line matched helps audience to feel that the distance between the police officer and Captain America is not too far away from each other and makes the space seems more connected. Also, close-up of Captain America shows his emotions more deeply and this makes him look more dominant and his order seem quicker and firm of purpose.

Instead of using flashback or narration, they choose dialogue. Characters do not know one another and through their dialogues, they create conflicts. Their emotions crash with one another and they get to learn about one another. If they chose to do flashback or narration to develop their relationship, the movie could have had more visual scenes, but they could have not construct characters’ personalities as much nor unity of the whole movie.

Another element of its popularity is Action. The movie shows characters’ awesome combat actions, and each have different fighting styles. Also, cars and building explode. Very stimulus elements like this attract viewers and make the movie intense.

There are many action and SF movies. Marvel’s different element compare to other action/SF movies is its setting. The movie takes us to the universe and villains are strong. Especially the villains in Marvel movies are unique and help characters to grow and open their eyes. Villains in Marvel have their stories and conflicts. Reasons to become bad. Yet there are clear protagonists and antagonists in the movie. Although the result of the movie might seem predictable, people still watch it. The road to their victory is interesting to watch, usually they do not win their first battle, which makes audience nervous. Characters power through to defeat the villains and its process makes audience laugh and cry and feel sympathy, quietly watch over them.

Also, people can empath to the story. For example, Iron Man is a super hero, but he is a human. He is a genius and a billionaire which are tough conditions for some people to achieve but it is achievable, unlike Superman, Iron Man is more realistic than other superheroes.

The Avengers satisfies both eyes and ears. The movie outran typical super hero movies; it became a popular culture and a deep impression of following super hero movies. It was a rapture for all the super heroes’ maniacs and the Avengers’ iconic characters became figures, posters and costumes. The Avengers were able to make successful debut. This is why their budget was so high which was 220 million dollars according to Wikipedia. They knew once they reveal characters’ personalities and construct fandom, they could create secondary earnings. For example, DVDs, their character goods like T-shirts, mobile and PC games.

The Avengers successfully reach its goals: creating revenue and creating a popular culture. However, did the movie have sincere emotional story telling? Probably not, the Avengers did not have many close-up scenes or long takes that are essential to convey emotions. There were so many characters, they did not have so much time to do so. However, they fill up this lack in emotions through humors and breath-taking actions. So, the lack of emotions in the movie shows its true purpose: powerful exhibition, reconstructing the world for following Marvel movies and increasing awareness for other Marvel characters. People came to watch Iron Man but ends up watching new Hulk by Mark Ruffalo.

The Avengers has become clearly new popular culture in movie industry. Everybody waits for new Avengers movie to come out and like the movie, it brings people from different cultures together. The movie lacks in storytelling and conveying emotions of characters. However, the movie has a jaw dropping computer graphics, actions and great film sound techniques. Also, concise plot with no complicated stories can help audience to understand the movie easily. For all the Marvel superheroes fans, the Avengers is a dream come true that they can watch their favorite heroes save the world altogether. As Marvel heroes combine their abilities together, the movie’s synergy with fans increase as well. The movie offers many visual beauties like Helicarrier’s magnificent size and exciting super powers of the characters. Also, the story is scary to think: the aliens are invading the earth. However, witty humors are mixed throughout the movie, help audience to watch the movie with a delight. More importantly, the movie makes audience get excited for next, new coming Marvel movies. People cannot wait for another Marvel heroes to save the day. Through All Star game of super heroes, Marvel successfully transform their comics to movies and make a successful conversion. The Avengers made popular culture by constructing strong characters and the world of Marvel. The strong fandom that craves secondary goods like its video games and DVD approves the Avenger’s values in both cultural and materialistic.

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