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The world is like a movie set. When one looks at it, it appears to be a cohesive work environment where entertainment is made in a well organized manner. If one where to spend the entire day on a movie set and have the chance to evaluate each member that is apart of the team, they will see how even the smallest job, like the script supervisor, can affect the largest job, the director, significantly. If the script supervisor were looking at his phone instead of following along for consistency the dialogue and blocking will become completely disjointed. The director is too busy making sure the audio levels are correct and that the camera is capturing the correct angles, they do not have time to babysit the supervisor.

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The script supervisor’s lack of professionalism affects the entire set negatively. The United States unemployment rate is like the script supervisor. Our lack of a workforce affects the entire world negatively. The United States is the center of the western influence, if we aren’t doing well, everyone else feels it. Our tourism alone keeps many smaller countries afloat, if we cannot travel and spend money in their countries, their economy suffers. The government should be held accountable for the unemployment rate amongst United States citizens because it is their duty to govern and oversee the nation’s well being. On a primitive level the United States government understands the urgency of ensuring employment amongst its citizens. There are laws put into place to protect those who are let go to ensure stability while out of work. The system and the laws are not perfect, but they are put in place for the welfare of working Americans. An example of one of these laws like the Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) ‘provides financial assistance to individuals whose employment or self-employment has been lost or interrupted as a direct result of a major disaster’ the law also protects those who are not ‘eligible for regular employment benefits’ (​United States Department of Labor​). This regulation is a result of the government taking action towards unemployment.

In 1984 the system was challenged for their lack of flexibility in terms of unemployment benefits. ​Hobbie v. Unemployment Appeals Commission of Florida ​involved a newly baptized Seventh-Day Adventist named Paula Hobbie who could not work on the Sabbath, which takes place from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. The jewelry store’s immediate supervisor was very understanding of this and the two of them had an agreement. The general manager caught wind of the situation two months later and gave Hobbie an ultimatum, she either takes her assigned shifts (regardless of the Sabbath) or she was to resign. Hobbie refused to make a decision and as a result she was fired. Religious discrimination is an entirely different manner with a completely set of different laws protecting it, but despite those laws Hobbie was denied unemployment. She decided to take the manner to the state and was ultimately denied there as well. The lack of success from the court case almost disrespects laws like the Disaster Unemployment Act or even the State Unemployment Insurance Benefits, which ‘provides unemployment benefits to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own’ (​United States Department of Labor​). Although the decision was made on a state level and in a different time, it shows that the government constantly contradicts itself and confuses its citizens, the state says one thing then the federal government says another. The state of Florida did not do its duty of protecting or overseeing Paula Hobbie, they neglected the fact that her employer fired her for an unfair reasonand as a result left her jobless. Her joblessness most likely had a ripple effect on her family and possibly community. Further, Hobbie could have been planning a trip to Greece perhaps, a country who suffering financially, and could have spent her savings from the jewelry store while on vacation.

A United States citizens lack of work had a potentially negative effect on a foreign business, reintroducing the concept of nation unemployment becoming a worldwide issue. The government is not at fault for society’s unpredictable nature. The making of the following laws makes the previous statement very clear. Unemployment Compensation for Ex-servicemembers looks afte former military men and women and grants them benefits if they are eligible. Veterans have an alarming unemployment rate, 3. 8% according to the VETS Newsletter, which confuses the public, they served our country, why aren’t they guaranteed job security? The previously state law corrects the mystery. The Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) incorporates the core argument of this paper. National unemployment hurting foreign economies.

The law gives ‘income support payments to individuals who have exhausted unemployment compensation and whose jobs were affected by foreign imports’. The theory works the other way around but it shows that international and national issues constantly affect each other, this law entertains that idea and corrects it. The national government even takes it a step further and encourages unemployed citizens to start small businesses with the Self-Employment Assistance law that offers and encourages unemployed workers to start their own small businesses by making their own jobs. This is the most beneficial law due to the fact that it is encourage unemployed workers who are commonly discouraged and frustrated to create their own work when nobody else will give them any. It promotes yankee ingenuity and boosts the morale of the unemployed. Interest groups taking action towards the unemployment rate in the United States also work with boosting the morale of the unemployed and finding the work, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who advocates for a lot of other causes and is less specialized than the #FixYoungAmerica movement. The previously stated interest group is very specialized in wanting to cure the ailment of the millennial blues, which is having a startling unemployment rate and living with their parents. The youth is noticing the problem of unemployment in our country and is taking strides to fix it. The effectiveness of the ACLU is not very potent but on the contrary.

Fix Young America is not making great strides politically but are, like the Self-Employment Assistance Law, boosting the morale. This throbbing pain in the nation’s side is catching the attention of various news outlets. This article in particular focuses on the black unemployment in the US. The article states that the black unemployment rate ’fell to 6. 6% in April 2018’ and is adamant that foreigners are not at fault for taking African American’s work (​Bloomberg​). The remainder of the text works to support the claim of foreigners are not at fault while the second article challenges the idea. ‘The Trump administration has also been holding other countries accountable for unfair trade practices’ and that renegotiation is in the works concerning the North American Free Trade Agreement’(​White House​). The Trump administration is holding foreign tariffs and trades accountable for Americans being out of work because a good amount of their jobs depend on foreign markets. Reinforcing the point, US unemployment affects the foreign economy. The world is a movie studio and the US is the script supervisor who needs to look over the dialogue and blocking more carefully so that the set can run smoothly. The blame for the unemployment has many scapegoats; foreigners, big business, but ultimately it is the government's job to oversee and ensure job stability for its people. The government has been making efforts towards getting rid of joblessness with various laws. The people, like the ACLU and the #FixYoungAmerica movement, are also working with the government to drop the unemployment rate. The efforts of the American government, citizens and politicians, will make a difference for the better.

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