Pornography: Its Causes and Effects on People Psychology

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Networking
  • Objectives
  • Significance of the Study
  • Research and Methodology
  • Data Source
  • Political Actions
  • Conclusion


By definition pornography means any form of media that includes nudity and sexual activity or contents with the primary motive of creating sexual arousal.(Of & Literature, 2017). It can be of three types.

  1. Soft core: print pornography (Gerrard, 2015); sex acts with relational story line (Dines, 2010).
  2. Hardcore: body punishing sex, including verbal and/ or sexual aggressiveness (Dines, 2010).
  3. Illegal: violence, perversion and barbarity paired with sex and child pornography, other abusive and illegal videos (Riemersma & Systma, 2013).

Literature Review

Porn addiction has become one of the major current issues through the use of internet or we can say advancement of technology sector. Like all other addictions, porn addiction also has some common signs and a pattern as with addiction of drugs and other substances. Porn addiction can be seen when one spends more time engrossed in pornographic material. It may happen that one may get “mixed feelings of being well and guilt”.

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This addiction of porn may also be caused due to mental pressure or depression or due to lack of sexual desires and pleasures. At time it may also happen that one gets too addicted that it becomes too serious and experience hardship at the work place, school, colleges which leads to misusing the money in buying pornographic materials, browsing internets, start engaging in flings with unknown people to satisfy ones sexual desires and fantasies.

Fantasy of watching porn comes at the age of 13, or we can say when one gets into teenage state. It can be found encouraged among both girls and boys. Watching porn at this stage is harder to control. Internet which is relied upon by millions of people has played a big role in spreading porn to people at this age. One can easily access and use internet for watching porn at any time. Beyens,I., et al.(2014).

Journal of Early Adolescence, 35(8), 1045–1068. Research has demonstrated that adolescents regularly use Internet pornography. This two-wave panel study aimed to test an integrative model in early adolescent boys (M age = 14.10; n = 325) that:

  • explains their exposure to Internet pornography by looking at relationships with pubertal timing and sensation seeking,
  • explores the potential consequence of their exposure to Internet pornography for their academic performance.

An integrative path model indicated that pubertal timing and sensation seeking predicted the use of Internet pornography. Boys with an advanced pubertal stage and boys high in sensation seeking more frequently used Internet pornography. Moreover, an increased use of Internet pornography decreased boys’ academic performance six months later. The discussion focuses on the consequences of this integrative model for future research on internet pornography.(Quadara, El-murr, & Latham, 2017).

It’s the high time a boy or a girl gets easily diverted towards porn. Due to their hormonal changes in the body, one become sexually aroused while watching porn (primarily elevation of testosterone in men and estrogens in women) and increased activity in amygdale. If one stop watching without masturbating or having sex, these changes revert to baseline and make a deep impact over the brain causing activation of the ‘reward circuitry’ in the brain much like what we see if we one pet a kitten or eat chocolate and changes in dopamine, serotonin and vasopressin. If we ask does porn affect our memory and does it affects our life. Then the answer would be yes we form memories of the porn we watched and yes we discover things about ourselves, like turn-on we didn’t know we had.

There are few more problems with watching porn videos, not only with the teenagers but with the elderly people too, which threaten to derail or tear apart the noble institution with the marriage. Men who are avid lovers of watching porn have been reported to be less intimate during sex, when they are supposed to caress their partners or do foreplay prior to making love, they fail to do so. Their mindset is that the women need little stimulation to get aroused, a common feature with most porn movies.

When men watch porn for so long, they form an idealized image of a perfect woman with a curvy figure, shape, looking sexy, stunning and random. When having sex, they derive gratification not directly from the act of doing it with their partner but by creating a mental picture of an ideal women in terms of body shape, beauty etc. these kind of people may even start to resort to self-pleasuring because they never find the act of sex to be fully gratifying.

On the other hand, Journal of Applied Social Psychology observes that people, who watch porn regularly reported less sexual satisfaction, coupled with a view that their partners lack good physical appearance and have poor sexual performance. Furthermore, another study published in the ‘Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy’, indicates that men who watched porn videos find other people less attractive. The real image is masked by an idealized image. Psychology Behind Sex, Porn And Intimacy. (2016, Mar 17).


How far these pornography sites are spread and how big are porn sites? According to Anthony, S.(2012). Just how big are porn sites? ExtremeTech. While it’s a difficult domain to penetrate—hard numbers are few and far between—we know for a fact that porn sites are some of the most trafficked parts of the Internet. According to Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner, which Understanding pornography in children and young people’s digital lives tracks users across the web with a cookie, dozens of adult destinations populate the top 500 websites. Xvideos, the largest porn site on the web with 4.4 billion page views per month, is three times the size of CNN or ESPN, and twice the size of Reddit.(Quadara et al., 2017).


This research paper has been done to achieve the respective objectives through the study:

  1. To find the probable measures that pornography has become one of major problem of addiction among teens.
  2. To analyze addiction of pornography is similar to addiction that of drugs.
  3. To find the causes and effects of watching porn among men and women.
  4. To analyze the effects of porn and its psychology with intimacy.

Significance of the Study

There have been a number of studies undertaken on pornography, its causes and effects on various variables. It also focuses on psychological aspects among teens, youths, adults. The study tries to explore the probable reasons for getting issues regarding addiction of porn. It also tries to analyze its effects in society and culture.

Research and Methodology

This research paper is based on the secondary data. Various books, magazines, articles, websites have been referred so as to collect the data.

Data Source

The methodology for research paper is based on the topic that I have chosen Pornography, its causes and effects in teens, youths and adults. I have gone through the internet as well as certain e-magazines, e-books and e-journals. Pornography is a multi-Billion Dollar Industry (Arthur, 2013; TopTenReviews, n.d.):

  1. 97 Billion Dollars in sales annually(Maes & Levinson, 2013)
  2. More money is spent on porn every year than movie tickets.
  3. 420 million websites content are pornographic.
  4. 700 million DVDs are given in rent yearly.
  5. 13,000 hardcore videos are being produced everywhere.

Political Actions

  • Free Speech Coalition (FSC, 2016): advocates for the pornography industry.
  • 2000: Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) (Ferguson & Hartley, 2009).
  • 2016: State of Utah became first US state to declare pornography a public health hazard (Government of Utah, 2016).


I believe that pornography is a painful pleasure which affects the psychology of teens, youths, and adults. Undoubtedly internet has been misused for this purpose. “Pornography and sadistic violence debase sexuality, corrode human relationships, exploits individuals-especially women and young people, undermine marriage and family life, foster anti-social behavior and weaken moral fiber of the of do society”.(pornography and Violence 471). There is this wrong mentality regarding sex is perquisite of a modern teen. It affects human relationship. Pornography exploits young minds and the adults. It affects human psychology. I think it should be banned by the government so that young minds can be kept safe from exploitation.

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