Positive and Negative Effects of Urban Transformation

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One of the consequences of urban transformation is on socio-cultural issues. City structure, buildings and settlements are directly linked to human beings. Any change in urban area will directly affect society as it will affect people because person and society cannot think separately. Urban transformation has effects on society as well as individual effects on personal level. To begin with, the community of the urban renewal area is affected. There are positive and negative effects of urban transformation.

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One of the positive effects is the increase in the socialization and one of the negative effects is the decrease in crime rates. For example, when there is a more organized settlement, socialization increases. When new and well organized structures are made in a region, the region becomes easier to use and can carry more human capacity. Thus, the region that is transformed starts to attract people from various less developed districts. On the other hand, well organized settlement leads to healthier neighborhood relations. In addition, society feels more secure. Regions where the urban transformation is practiced application areas, are the places with a high crime rate. As Sylvester stated these places are “mostly overpopulated, mess, lacking of basic services and they have tendency to crime”. When the application takes place, people have a better home and a healthier environment. As the quality of life of people increases, the tendency to crime is diminished.

Additionally, there is a large benefit to cultural activities in society. More organized housing means more regular neighborhood environment. As the public's communication with each other increases, a more social environment is created and sharing increases. There will be an improvement in education, as it will make it easier for the public to reach schools and other educational institutions. However, urban renewal can comes with negative impact which cannot be underestimated.

Forced migrations can be experienced as a negative consequence of urban transformation. For example in Sulukule project, Romans were forcibly displaced from the region where they lived. According to Human Rights Universal Declaration, nobody can be forced out of his house but Romans were affected negatively. Demirel stated that without careful attention, the urban transformation projects are very large problems can be brought with it. Especially after the projects in the regions where the Romans lived, they cannot find a house to rent. If Romans find a home, they are excluded by the people at the place and they have accord problems with people. Finally, in these areas government offers better and more convenient services for the inhabitants. Knittel stated that the urban transformation program can be perceived as the reconstruction of the city because the community services are made like sewer systems, schools, playing areas, parks and car parks on one-third of the city. Clearly with the urban regeneration projects, municipal services reaches to public easier and more regularly. Thus, positive relations with government and society may occur. When slum communities turn into regular settlements, the municipality will be able to reach the public more easily and be able to meet their needs. The benefits that the people provide from public transport increase. When the people’s unhealthy homes are demolished, the health of that community can be improved. Public can benefit more from community health services and healthy society is formed. When all these necessary conditions are provided, there is a more livable environment occurs. In brief, urban transformation is a necessary and positive application for the public, even if it has negative consequences.

The second effect of urban transformation is on individual. Generally, urban renewal seems to affect society. Whereas society consists of individuals and of course people are affected individually. The general problems of community are actually the problem of the individual. For example, the public tries to overcome with many problems like unemployment and crimes. When these problems are solved, society feel relieved, when people settle to the new home, life quality of people is developed. People who changes home start living in a better environment and they are affected positively by having healthy environment. According to Shuler, unemployment causes many crimes, which is directly affects the community. Also, unemployment creates negative psychological impact on society and people worry about their lives and homes. Therefore, to minimize to form of underclass and unemployment is important for anxiety of society. So, these solutions have psychological improvement on individual. Secondly, people`s status rises who come from slums to quality houses.

Generally, people with higher income level live in good places and people with lower income level live in slums or more inconvenient places. As a result of the urban transportation, status of people increases in the community which is formed by public’s perception of standard and upper and middle classes are formed. Thus, structure of society changes. In brief, urban transformation affects individual in several areas.

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