Positive Impact of Female in Politics

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We still think of a powerful man as a leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly -Margaret Atwood


Politics has traditionally been the domain of men,even in this day and age, only 18.3 percent of government ministers are women and 22.8 percent of total national parliamentarians, are women. While, there is an increase of female representation from 11.3 percent in 1995, it is still sorely lacking.

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The world cannot progress when the voice of half its population is not heard and their problems not resolved.

Problems Faced by Woman

Sexism – is the discrimination of a person based solely on their sex. While sexism does affect men, women are more likely to be its victims. Systemic oppression of women can be seen throughout history and is still a major cause of concern today .

A mainstream issue is that of the gender wage gap. It simply means a man of the same qualifications and experience as a woman will earn more for the same job. A recent report suggests a woman makes 82 cents for a man’s’ dollar. One would think celebrities are above this injustice but numerous reports show that a male lead makes more than his female co-star. Several celebrities like Beyonce and Emma Watson have spoken against this gross injustice. A common argument for the wage gap is that woman are not as qualified as their male counterparts, however, reports show that number of women with bachelor’s degree have increased and they make up a significant portion of the STEM workforce, thus, disproving this argument.

In India 27% of girls are married before their 18th birthday, the highest in the world. The girls as young as 6 years of age are married off to adult men. The girl is neither physically nor emotionally mature to deal with the pressures and duties she is expected to perform now. Thus, there is a high mortality rate among child brides.

Furthermore, women’s safety is not a priority, with many politicians supporting the abusers.Thus, further enabling them.

Would Having Female Leaders Mitigate These Problems

To attain power and climb the ranks in a male dominated field, she would faced a fair share of resistance. Moreover, when faced with situations or problems that could personally affect them, a person is more likely to spur change. A recent report suggests that female leaders are more likely to change structural policies on issues such as parental leave and child care. Having more women in the governments, in our judiciary system and parliament would bring fresh perspectives and experience to the table, thereby, broadening the acceptance of “right” and “wrong”.

Global Perspectives

Evidence suggests having more female representation in world politics would make for better international policies due to the inclusive negociations- a style most female leaders adopt – a policy of looking at all perspectives and taking an effective decision. While not all female leaders do this, it is true for most.

Having female leaders would also the pave the way for more traditionally oppressed groups to enter politics. As a result, we would be taking a step closer to global acceptance.

National Perspectives

A recent report by Goldman Sachs argues that if the female workforce in Japan matched the male workforce, the country’s’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product) would increase by 12.5 percent. However, for this to work in reality, job satisfaction for the women would have to increase. Job satisfaction is low because of the gender wage gap and being passed over for promotions due to their sex. Having female leaders would increase the probability of stringent laws being passed that would mitigate the discrimination on the bases of sex. In most countries policies regarding women are passed by men, who have never faced such situations- such as labelling sanitary menstrual products as luxuries in the tax bracket and taking away reproductive health care from women. If women were making policies that affect their gender it is more probable that due to their first hand experience- they will be able to make and implement better policies- which in turn is beneficial for the country.

Personal Perspectives

In my perspective, I feel policies concerning women- their physical and emotional and a sense that she too, can accomplish health, safety and freedom of choice, would be better framed and implemented if there was more female representation in my government. Moreover, mass media propagates woman as weak and a follower of men, having real life female leaders would give little girls a strong role model anything she puts her mind to . As former first lady of the United States of America- Michelle Obama said in her speech for ‘Let Girls Learn’ – “girls are often made to feel insecure about being decisive and are labelled as ‘bossy’ they need to realise that they are not bossy they are strong”.All in all I feel more female representation in politics would be a win for the country’s female demographic.

Evaluation of Sources

UN Women – This website belongs to and is maintained by a division of the United Nations. It works toward empowering every women in the world by ensuring their human rights are not infringed. Their main aim is to ensure everyone has equal opportunities regardless of their sex. According to me, the source provides factual and undoctored statistics. The source is thus credible as it is supervised by the United Nations – which calls for unbiased portrayal of facts.

Cambridge University Press offered by Cambridge Core- This website compiles journals, books and articles on numerous topics, including gender and politics. The authors of the writing pieces might have a bias for or against the topic. However, the collections are extremely large, as a result, reading through more transcripts gives an actual understanding of the current situation.

These were two main sources I used while writing. However,i also referred to several other credible news sources and credible political journals. I read through them in order to cancel the bias and get accurate and credible information.

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