Positive Influence of Internet-based Life on the Life of Humanity as a Whole

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The internet has undoubtedly become a huge part of our lives. Billions of people far and wide use internet-based life. It has undoubtedly become a huge part of peoples’ lives and it impacts individuals of any age most particularly those of these individuals who are more open and eager to learn. Social media has significantly entwined into individuals’ everyday lives and there is no turning back even in the following coming years and all that is required is to acknowledge it wholeheartedly and to search for different routes into how it tends to be utilized to profit the community and oneself. It is known as a greatly intense device, regardless of whether used for positive or negative reasons and it can help light up social change through extending suggestive discussions and giving increment support to specific causes the general public questions in addition to other things. The predominant thing about this is it gives a voice to everybody from an extremely straightforward stage. It is an advantageous endeavor for individuals to utilize the instrumentality of the web and social media life to battle the ills of the community on the loose. Social media contributes genuinely to our society that made it extremely essential as it empowers individuals to talk and remain associated with friends and family, enlarge up their knowledge in a particular field in education, empowers freedom and raises awareness, and aides in using the improvement of the society through carrying on with a greener life out of it.

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Utilizing the online life made individuals anticipate productivity more than improve the situations’ adequacy. It was assumed that it makes all things easier and it takes away the great things realized by an up close and personal, unedited exchange of dialogue. It is said to make virtual boundary. Also, it makes advanced separation, an unequal and different world in which imbalance is overlooked in instruction. These are the things that made social media unmeaningful to the society. However, people of the society were the ones who will whether benefit or suffer from this. It would always depend on how they would do things as they are in control of the decisions they are to make. Moreover, social media saves an extra amount of time as it makes life move instantly and fast through a snap, it makes almost everything easier, yes. Furthermore, there is a saying that “Time is Gold”, meaning, it should not be wasted and taken for granted because no one knows when one might run out of it. So if there would be an alternative in producing work effortlessly, like social media, why not use it? Through it, there is efficiency in time as it can be used on a wiser way to free someone from a complicated situation. On an article written by Neha Pandey, an article assistant, excess on anything is not good, like excess of time. In spite of, it would always depend upon how people will make use of it because to someone, they already must know what would be right and wrong for them. Meaning, a person must be the one responsible on every action they are to take.

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Social media is now an increasingly central part of how we all communicate, be it individuals, groups or organizations, for it allows users to consume less time in communicating efficiently and accurately. It is a smart way to stay connected wherever and whenever you want to connect to someone. Before, when people need to speak with their friends and family who lives miles away, they would need to reach on a telephone and make a call. They would compose a letter whenever point access to telephone would not be accessible which as a rule takes a couple of days to arrive. Be that as it may, now, there are instant messages and emails, wherein they can right away send messages to their friends and family. They can even make a video call and them regardless of whether they are on various sides of the world. A popular online dictionary defines social media as, “Web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts,”. According to an article entitled, “How Important is Social Media As a Communication Tool?” of Jodie Bell, a social media online communities carry a strong and influential voice, and there is much to be gained from engaging directly with people through these channels – whether that be to reach journal readers, to network with colleagues, or even just to keep up to date with friends and family. Additionally, from an article posted in editor resources web page, it was said that on a global scale – over 600 librarians worldwide contributed their thoughts, suggestions, and experiences through focus groups, telephone interviews, an online survey, and a Twitter party. One example of this is through helping businesses on their business advertisements, it helps business personnel’s communicate fast through posting their advertisements online that can reach wide range number of people. In some cases, it has to be understood that a face-to-face interaction would not always be available in all instances.

Social media has been very important in terms of education, not only it helps out students but also the teachers as well. Aside from making their life a lot easier if compared to how it was before wherein in order to answer home-works, they would have to browse numbers of books in finding solutions to their assignments. Indeed, there are presently even online projects and courses accessible, which individuals can without much of stretch access to contemplate and learn different things even while they’re at the solace of their homes. Joanne Orlando, a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the University of Western Sydney, said that “Social media is a platform for sharing ideas, information and point of views. ” Having said this, it only proves that this gives importance to the educational value as it is used to extend the information’s the youth of this society can access while also giving them a clear understanding into how they should grasp and absorb the use of that particular information, this is according to an article posted on BlogDash. Withal, according to an article entitled, “The Role Of Social Media in Education” of London College of International Business Studies, social media has helped in; connecting with experts on topics, research process, enhancing learning management systems, building social credibility, and in facilitating an online learning through various online learning platforms available for them when a face-to-face interaction would not be available due to some reasons. From a research survey that was conducted by Babson Survey Research Group and Pearson, they have found out that over 90% of college faculty use social media in the workplace and that 80% of college faculty use social media in their teaching. Also, the national school board association reports that almost 60% of the students who use social network talk about educational topics online and more than 50% talk about school work.

Social media creates a great impact on our politics, it has been widely used for online campaigns, giving out chances not only to politicians who want to express themselves and their platforms but also to the citizens who want to share their opinions to their fellow voters. According to an article posted online by Maia Gummer (2018), social media gives people a voice. In a democratic political landscape, it allows freedom of speech. Having the freedom and protection to say what has to be said should be awarded to everyone, and social media is the ideal outlet for opinions and thoughts. Also, she has said that it allows instant, direct communication between the public and individuals in positions of power, particularly in the case of Twitter. If someone wants to be heard, this platform provides a space where users are able to express their opinions within guidelines that prevent threat and discrimination. A total of 4,556 US college students were surveyed immediately after Election 2012 to investigate what social media–related psychological and behavioral factors predicted their online political participation. Structural equation modeling and hierarchical multiple regression results showed that online social capital, political self-efficacy, and Facebook group participation were positive predictors of online political participation.

Digital has made our world greener than of paper as through digitalizing world, it helps on saving the environment, as the virtual truth is that print media is destroying the environment by killing trees or by knocking down forests, acres after acres. The imposed alternative is using the digital media. Social media has advanced, more and more of the population have moved to computer-based personal information managers, lured by the promise that once an individual move to a paperless way of organizing things, their life can become easier – and much more organized. On an article posted by WWF (World, Wild, Fun), 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used for the production of paper while the pulpwood plantations and mills endanger natural habitats. Thus, social media helps people live a greener way. According to an article posted by ScienceDirect, most of the materials in landfills are made of paper. When paper rots, it emits methane, a greenhouse gas. When it is burned or composted, carbon dioxide. Anyhow, it has been said by an article of The World Counts that the life cycle of paper is damaging to the environment from beginning to end. It starts off with a tree being cut down and ends its life by being burned.


In this manner, social media contributes definitively to the general public. It by and large gives impacts through making economic, social, and political changes the world over. It is conspicuous on the grounds that billions of clients, networks, societies utilize the web in their everyday life. Furthermore, their activities, ideas and relational abilities is affecting society in light of how they expend it. The social media is then demonstrated that has additionally made access to data and correspondence far simpler and easier. It has made communication with anybody from any part of the globe conceivable and simple, conveys quality substance to understudies’ training, engages freedom in voicing out thoughts freely, and has helped the environment.

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