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Positive Psychology in The Workplace

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In today’s world, an employee must be able to work as a team with their coworkers, as well as being able to get the task at hand done. It is a key foundation in the workplace and is heavily depended on you as the employee. An employees morale plays a big part in determining if they get along with their coworkers and the work environment that is presented to them. With morale, you apply your personal emotions to it, which gives you the drive to be better. However, what if you don’t get along with who you work with? That is where positive psychology comes in, and as it turns out, plays a much bigger role in the workplace then you expect.

To begin, the underlying theme in positive psychology is positivity. As stated by Barbara Fredrickson, we can use positivity to better ourselves and help change who we are as a person. We can transmit the positive energy that we have into what we do in our everyday lives. With that, we can fulfill and complete challenges and tasks that we didn’t know we can overcome. For instance, at school, we can use it to help us in completing classes that may be holding you back. It also can be applied to your job, as it helps you when performing tasks that you may not be familiar with or seem as a challenge to you. This will then lead to you having more achievements and success in what you do. In a way, this can be displayed as an equation. To have more good outcomes, you need to be more positive and happy, which will also enhance your work performance.

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In addition, using it in the workplace is vital for establishing a team amongst your employees. A team that is connected will indicate that they are working towards an end goal that they all have in common, as well displaying cooperation amongst themselves. This all starts with the individual employee. What can you do that will help contribute towards giving them an enthusiastic mood? You could begin by expressing gratitude for the work they bring that helps aid the company. Believe it or not, giving acknowledgment goes a long way in boosting one’s mood. By giving thanks for their work, you are giving them the motivation to keep putting forth the effort they put into their job. This works out both ways. This shows that you are interested in their personal development and growth, as well as building to be a solidified worker for your company. Now if you apply this to each employee of your team, what do you get out of it? You gain the loyalty and trust of your employees.

Finally, keeping a positive energy inside the workplace will help encourage your workers in the workplace. One way you can practice this is by helping each other. You could help each other in finding meaning in your work, as well as personal value. It is a major benefit for the helper, as a “helping behavior improves mood because the individual is no longer focused of negative moods; helping others acts as a distracter for the employee (Rana) ”. The negativity can come as a result of low performance. With helping being used as a distraction from the source of negative energy, it provides a quick escape to boosting your creativity. Not only this but also you will be showing that you are going out of your way to help someone else, which in turn will boost employee relationships in the workplace, as well as having a healthy workplace environment.

To conclude, having a positive workplace energy goes a long way for both the company and the employees. It keeps the workplace happy and leaves everyone feeling valued at what they do. It increases their personal efforts in having a long-lasting success alongside the company. Overall, it is something that should be considered when you want to build a long lasting triumphant organization. Rely on positive energy, as it is beneficial for everyone.


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