Possible Purposes of the War

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According to Hemingway, (1946), no matter what is the purpose of a war, even though it is launched for countering the intruder, it should be considered as a sin (p. xv). In the other word, launching a war is a way to maintain the peacefulness of a country but at the same time, the negative effects of war are affecting the global citizens which mean nobody could escape from the jaws of war. In human’s history, there were a lot of wars have been launched for different purposes and in different places. World War 1 and World War 2 which include mostly whole the world, are the most popular and important to humans due to their impacts. As a result of the impacts, many people are suffering either in phycology, mental, or emotion, even nowadays. Therefore, it is undeniable that launching a war to exploit the sources of a country will lead to the spread of various diseases.

First of all, war is launched for exploiting other countries’ sources is always linked to the destruction of the homeland. In Goodman (2019) opinion, most of the purpose of the war is related to economy gain (para. 8). The increasing population means the requirement of sources also increasing. However, the sources are limited, so war is launched to fight for the sources. While exploiting the sources, the destruction is inevitable to make the exploiting work to be done easier. For example, the fall of Aztec Empire is due to the war which is launched by Spanish to gain their land and sources. Even though Aztec Empire tried to offer some gifts such as traditional costume and ornaments, Spanish decided to solve it by using military force (Cartwright, 2016. para.9). Therefore, exploitation of sources of a country at the same time, also destroying the homeland of the dwellers.

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Besides, a high rate of immigration is shown as a result of destroying of homeland because of war. This view is supported by Soto (2014) who claims that immigration of people due to war is increasing in these two centuries (p. 27). The situation occurs due to lack of some basic requirement especially food and medical supplies after launching of a war, so people decide to migrate from their homeland to survive. For example, the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, almost 75% of Muslim populace escaping to neighboring Bangladesh after violence and ethnic cleansing (Giovetti, 2019, para. 15). In addition, Oxford University Refugee Studies Centre claims that Syria’s fatal common war has caused more than 11 million examples of immigration (as cited in Giovetti, 2019, para.16). As a result of the destruction of the homeland, leaving or migration become the priority of the refugees to guarantee their lives are in safety. Hence, destroying of homeland constrain people to migrate to another nation.

Lastly, immigration of the refugees ends up with the spread of various diseases as the effect. Normally, refugees will live in a refugee camp which is a highly concentrated area and lack of some basic facilities and supplies, has created a chance to spread various diseases easily. In war-torn Yemen, diphtheria and cholera are spread among the refugees due to poor supplement of water, sanitary problem and medical supply (Synder, 2018, para 5). This can be further supported by the case occurs in Congolese refugee camp in Uganda which cause one death and thirty of them are hospitalized due to cholera (Gale, 2008, para 5). Furthermore, immigration of refugees could spread some diseases to the other countries which originally does not exist or already be eliminated in the countries. (Gale, 2008, para 4). As a result, more people in the world are suffering in diseases and more death cases will occur. Therefore, the spread of various diseases has clearly shown that is related to the immigration of refugees.

In conclusion, various diseases are spread through a war which is launched as an exploitation purpose on a country for certain sources. War brings glory and gold to a country which increases their power and strength; however, behind every victory of wars, there is a sacrifice of million souls either directly involved in the war or due to the remote impact of war. The exploitation of sources vanishes the peacefulness of a country and force the people to migrate as a way to protect their life. However, migration of the people brings another trouble to the other countries as the diseases may be spread by these refugees. Hence, war should be avoided to create peacefulness of the world. 

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