Potential Challenges in Completing Higher Level Education

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Throughout this report I will be discussing the potential challenges that may be faced when completing higher level education. With the right learning tools, higher level education can become less challenging and bring forward more enjoyment whilst working towards a great future in the field of choice. This reflection aims to discuss about how self-efficacy and self-regulation have affected my studies at Griffith College and explore a solution to the challenges personally faced.

The first challenge that I will be talking about is self-regulation. Self-regulation is being able to attain your goals through autonomous learning outside of the classroom and being proactive in achieving the academic skills required to complete higher education at Griffith college. After taking into consideration how my academic performance was throughout my secondary schooling, I have only ever demonstrated a lack of understanding for self-regulation and was never able to achieve my goals appropriately. Without proper planning or motivation, the execution for achieving any of my goals was always reliant of teachers and of my student peers due to poor independence. With reflection, I have a better understanding of being a more independent learner and require further develop on how to prioritise tasks and self-evaluate to enhance the way I self-regulate. Furthermore, being able to properly self-regulate will assist with my long-term goals in health science studies.

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Another challenge I have identified is being able to maintain a positive self-efficacy throughout my studying at Griffith College. Self-efficacy is the ability to believe in yourself to achieve your short term and long-term goals based on personal capability in prospective situations as defined by Albert Bandura (1977). With low self-efficacy it is extremely difficult to achieve any goals set out due to the lack of belief in one’s performance. Although being so essential, self-efficacy is obtained simply by discovering suitable study techniques that are most effective for each individual. I now know that I am a visual and hands-on learner and with this, for me, the most effective way of adapting to absorb larger quantities of information is by using images, videos and applying myself in small group sessions with my peers, therefor increasing my self-efficacy.

This reflection has shown me reasons for previously being unable to achieve my goals and has furthermore shown me ways to improve upon past mistakes using these learning techniques. It is conclusive that with a proper understanding of self-efficacy and self-regulation, a student like me who is new to higher level education will find it much easier to achieve their short term and long-term goals and are the key skills to succeeding at Griffith College.

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