Poverty and Lawlessness as a State of Mind

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Poverty is often described as the socioeconomic state of being inferior, lacking in the basic social amenities for one’s financial growth or development. While on the other hand lawlessness is seen as the total disregard or lack of social morals as it relates to the upkeep of the laws of society. Over the years we have seen where poverty and lawlessness have been the two major social and moral breakdowns in our society’s social structures, which usually correlates. Arguably some of the main causes of lawlessness-crime and poverty are mainly due to the lack of one’s capability to be rid of the socially unpleasant state individuals have found themselves in, be it, whether by choice, family generational, and social factors. Some of these causes are due to persons being economically challenged, lack of discipline, unemployment, and education. The poor managing of resources, government corruption, and lack of basic amenities by societies reject. We have seen many times that it is innocent and hardworking members of society who fall victim to the combating of these effects.

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Government and political corruption and their ineffectiveness, create the arena for lawlessness by endorsing fragmented political competitions vying with each other for power and supremacy. It is believed that the government officials create laws and stipulations that are only beneficial to them ergo the poor falls short. They lack or appear to lack the capability to fully develop our economic resources and the efficient usage to build better infrastructures, create jobs and other educational opportunities. Their focus has strictly been to gain wealth and power by riding on the backs of these same afflicted individuals by way of promises for growth and development. While in the end it has always been proven to be exactly what they are, promises with no means of fulfillment or even if, takes years, to come to fruition. While this takes place the poor seek their livelihood by any means necessary to combat poverty whether it be crime and violence or migration, for example, arm robbery or migrating without the proper official documents to prove legal stay.

Lack of education speaks to the incapability of an individual to function in basic roles in society to gain an income due to them not having the basic knowledge or understanding to do so. This can lead to poverty and lawlessness as, without a means of gaining an income, the deprived seeks to gain money elsewhere for example through robbing, scamming, and fraudulent activities. Lack of education is cause and effect notion as lack of skilled laborer then less productivity is seen in the workplace and lack of opportunity as people are illiterate. Hence their lifestyle is poverty-driven. Education is often said to be the “Great Equalizer” as it opens doors for good jobs and opportunities for individuals to utilize their skills and resources to the survival of and more importantly the thriving of their family. Poverty is an enemy of education on every level. The poor often become victimized by lack of money, infrastructure, or proper housing arrangements and bad health care which intern leads to the hindrance of ability to learn or even study.

Unemployment refers to a state of being with a job to work by which to gain an income. This is another cause of poverty as aforementioned without getting a steady or any income at all this can lead to poverty and intern lawlessness. The issue of unemployment is not restricted to the uneducated but the highly educated also due to the lack of opportunities for jobs, growth, and development after leaving universities or colleges. While the government plants promise in society’s members we continue to see the resources being inefficiently and unequally distributed. In that, the rich – upper-class persons are given better or first take of whatever opportunities that are given or outlined by the governing body at the time. One of the main causes of lawlessness is due to this, having no job, being restless, and not able to provide the basics (food, clothing, and shelter) for your family and as the older folks would say” Di devil finds work fi idle hands”.

The lawlessness in Jamaica dates back to before and after we received our independence in 1962 and we can argue that everyone is given a choice to choose and nothing is innate as it relates to means of survival in society, we see where these means are being exhausted and lawlessness reigns. We need to revamp our government structures and officials and move towards a more solution-driven society or state of mind. While everyone is focused on the causes and effects of crime and lawlessness, instead let us initiate some means of resolve by creating more jobs opportunities, free education and reform, form better social control methods and encourage growth. We cannot guarantee the outcome or success of any solutions put forth but it is one step further to the betterment of any society. Be focused on the problem and that will give no room for a solution. 

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