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Power Choice

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The electrical business is evolving, over 50% of users have the option to buy renewable electricity from their power company directly, and absolutely everybody has the option of buying a certificate for renewable electricity. This power can sometimes be referred to as “Clean Power” or “Green Power”. Some power companies include another service, called green pricing that allows customers to pay a small fee guaranteed from clean, renewable, energy sources. The fee covers the increased costs incurred by the power company when adding clean energy to its generation mix. In some parts of the country, you can choose Where your energy comes from as well as who generates it.

Just as the long-distance telephone business was reinforced, certain states have reinforced their electricity business in order to allow competition among electricity companies. In some of these states, green power generators, whose purposes are producing electricity using renewable sources, are taking advantage of the reinforced market to sell green power products to residential, commercial, and wholesale customers. Some suppliers are also partnering with these competitive marketers to offer more green power options. Efforts to sell green power are aimed at consumers who will choose to pay a bit more for green energy products and services that show their environmental values. The small fee you pay offsets the additional costs power companies in purchasing and generating electricity from green sources.

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Buying green certificates allows you to contribute to the generation of clean, renewable power even if you can’t purchase clean power from your power company or from a green power generator on the market. An ever growing number of green power generators are now separating the power that they sell to power companies from the environmental attributes connected to that power. These environmental attributes, called green certificates (also known as “green tags,” “green energy certificates,” or “tradable green certificates”), are then sold to companies and customers who want to help raise the amount of green power entering the USA’s electricity supply.

By separating the environmental attributes from the power, green power generators are able to sell off the electricity that is created to power companies at a market price. The additional money made generated by the sale of the green certificates covers the market costs for creating power made from green energy sources. This extra money also encourages the creation of additional green energy projects.

Green Energy is an important thing. We use too many fossil fuels and need to start paying attention to what we are doing and how we are affecting our atmosphere.


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