Ppr Pipe and Fittings Products and Market Analysis in Ethiopia

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PPR Pipe And Fittings Products And Market Analysis In Ethiopia

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This report focuses on preliminary PPR pipe and fittings market in Ethiopia. Moreover, the report also focuses on the application industries of PPR pipes including Residential cold and hot water system , Underground heating system , Conveyor of industrial water and chemical materials , Sanitary and pure water pipelines , Hot water recycling system , Compressed air pipelines , Drink manufacturing and conveying system , Other industrial and agricultural pipelines . Analysis of the current market trends as well as the opportunities in the market by analyzing government regulations, policies, and consumer preference. The data are gathered majorly from the secondary sources.

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According to different research reports, there is an increase in demand for PPR pipes and fittings in Ethiopia in various applications, and excellent physical properties of these pipes drive its demand among various end users. PPR pipes are usually used in construction sector for building sewer & drain systems and water supply. Currently, the cold and hot water system and water supply are the major applications for PPR pipes and fittings. As per secondary data (information) the demand for PPR pipes and fittings is expected to witness significant growth in Ethiopia, Cold and hot water system is the most lucrative application (market) followed by water supply, irrigation, plumbing, and others. Significant demand for PPR pipes and fittings in various industries and infrastructural development occurring in emerging economies are projected to drive the demand for PPR pipes and fittings in the Ethiopia market. Besides, metal pipe is now replaced by PPR in pipes and PPR pipe possess specific advantages over metal pipe such as they are less costly, more environment friendly, lighter in weight, and more flexible.

According to the World Bank, 80% population of rural areas do not have access to safe drinking water. It is a proven fact that poor water quality leads to a variety of diseases. Sub-Saharan Africa (Including Ethiopia) had access to clean drinking water through household connection such as indoor tap or tap in lawns. All these factors attracted major organizations such as World Bank to work closely with regional governments to expand access to clean & safe drinking water in rural areas. To fulfill this purpose, PPR pipes and fittings act as primary medium to provide clean & safe water in rural areas. Further, maximum rural areas are still out of reach for clean water, and governments & organizations are working on these plans. Growth in the number of clean water supply projects is estimated to provide immense opportunity to the PPR pipe and fittings suppliers (producers).

PPR Pipe Market Trend in Ethiopia

The Country demand for PPR pipes and fittings market is increasing due to shift of metal pipe and fittings to PPR pipe and fittings , rapid industrialization and urbanization in the country. In addition, significant investments in agriculture and chemical industries have had a positive impact on the market. Key players in the manufacturing of PPR pipes and fittings in Ethiopia profiled in this report include Modern pipe manufacturing plc, Bruh Tesfa Irrigation & water technology plc and Lina Gabion & Plastic Factory Plc.

As the preliminary study is conducted using the secondary data, the market demand of PPR pipe and fittings increasing more than 15% annually in the country. Accordingly, due to shifting of metal pipe to PPR pipe and fittings, rapid industrialization and urbanization in the country expect to increase the demand of PPR pipe and fittings more than 25 % annually and the market is lucrative and profitable in the next five years. Accordingly, we will prove it by conducting the feasibility study in using both primary and secondary data based on the analysis of the following variables:

  • In-depth analysis will be conducted by constructing market estimations for key market segments between 2019 and 2023.
  • Comprehensive analysis of all regions is provided that determines the prevailing opportunities in geographies.
  • This study will evaluate competitive landscape and value chain to interpret the competitive environment across various geographies.
  • Comprehensive analysis of factors that drive and restrict the growth of the Ethiopia PPR pipe and fitting industry is provided.
  • Exhaustive analysis by type predicts the major product type using currently along with the ones that would gain prominence in the future.
  • Extensive analysis of the market will be conducted by key product positioning and monitoring the top competitors within the framework.

PPR Pipe and Fitting Specifications

  • Full Form: Polypropylene Pipes
  • Meaning: PPR pipes = polypropylene random copolymer type 3 pipes.
  • Raw Material Used: PPR pipes are made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPR-C) standard for the production of pipes. It is specially developed for the use and construction of hot and cold water distribution systems in addition to an extensive variety of hydro sanitary applications.
  • Technical Process: The thermoplastic resin raw material allows PPR pipes to be produced by extrusion, and PPR fittings by mold injection by raising the temperature.
  • Color: There are mainly 3 colors including gray, white; green PPR pipes and fittings in the market. Normally, white and green PPR pipes are enhanced than gray PPR pipes.

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