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Prabhas: The Transformation To Baahubali

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Baahubali 2 was a super duper hit with Prabhas’ outstanding performance. He did not leave any stone unturned to prove his willpower and eventually he triumphed.

The characters were all fictitious. However, what about the real Prabhas?

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He was not as bulky as he looked in the second part the movie. He underwent a huge physical transformation. Let us find out what happened to him?

Prabhas Muscle Building Story

Prabhas worked really hard to gain 20 kg for Baahubali Part 1. He was initially 80 kg before he was casted for the first part. He is known as the chocolate boy of Tollywood and Baahubali was a turning point in his life. The script intrigued him immediately and he mentioned that he was waiting for such a type of role to come to him. He started relating to the Baahubali character really fast and understood that fitness must now be his number uno priority. He had to be on a very strict regime in order to bulk up.

His role became more demanding in the second part of the movie. He decided to push himself beyond the limits to bulk up like Hulk. Every morning was a new transformation for him. He yelled, screamed while lifting those heavy weights and he was injured many times but he never gave up.

To complete his fitness module, Prabhas followed a strict diet and extensive training sessions to look like Baahubali (Part Two). His diet consisted mainly of white eggs blended with protein powders followed by lots and lots of nuts, fruits, vegetables and multigrain bread.

He had to consume a diet as high as 3500 calories where he took six to eight meals a day with a workout supplementation consisting of weight lifting sessions and cardio exercises. He made sure to keep the balance between 80% diet and 20% workout.

What about his Fitness Journey?

It all started in summer when Prabhas visited the US. There, he communicated with the wrestlers of WWF to understand their training session. He carefully observed their workout sessions and grasped their body language to become alike. He soon understood that he has to learn those tactics in order to perform Baahubali’s stunts.

He was very impressed by their equipments and did not think twice before purchasing them and setting his own personal gym. He hired a local trainer and his workout sessions lasted six hours a day learning all the fitness techniques. By this time, Prabhas had become addicted to his fitness goal. It was as if he was “Arjuna” from Marabharata and the “eye of the fish” was his Hulk body. He could not see anything else apart from his target. He had sacrificed all his favourite food items, disowned his favourite chocolates while only concentrating on his strict consisting of complex Carbs and high proteins.

The most amazing part about his Fitness journey is that he enjoyed each moment of it as he was determined to look like Hulk. He went to the gym with a vengeance to look like a monster which he eventually succeeded.


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