Practices of Supply Chain Management at Taskeater

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Outsourcing includes the contracting out of a business procedure to another gathering which is moreover acknowledged as business process outsourcing. Organizations essentially outsource to lessen certain expenses, for example, fringe or “non-core” operational expense, high assessments, high vitality costs, and uncontrolled government direction, generation and work costs. The one of kind age demography of Bangladesh, combined with the minimal effort work power and Government’s Incentive for the IT benefit part, makes Bangladesh a noteworthy player at the worldwide administration outsourcing market.

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So now the point is what is BPO or Business Process outsourcing? Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a technique for subcontracting different business-related tasks to outsider merchants. At the point when business process outsourcing started, it connected mainly to manufacturing substances, for example, soft drink producers that outsourced expansive fragments of their supply chains. Nonetheless, it is presently appropriate for service industry as well.

There are two areas where companies adopt business process outsourcing, back office and front office. Folks who portraits inside the back office are usually tasked with internal commercial enterprise features, such as logistics, collections and receivables or procurement. Moreover, front office outsourcing refers to contracting an enterprise’s center commercial enterprise operations — accounting, payment processing, IT services, human sources, regulatory compliance, quality assurance and so forth.

A business has multiple BPO options. Business process outsourcing is measured offshore outsourcing if the deal is directed to another country. For example Taskeater Ltd basically contracted by companies from Europe and America who wants to do outsourcing for their company. Another kind of outsourcing is nearshore outsourcing where the job is assigned to a nearest country. For example if India contract Bangladeshi BPO company for their business. The last one is onshore outsourcing which refers to company’s own country for example Philips an electronics company basically does this kind of outsourcing.

For Bangladesh, the opportunities of outsourcing are enormous. The abundance of a young work force, mixed with the authority’s incentive for the IT zone in current years can make Bangladesh a prime player within the international outsourcing marketplace.


There are basically two objectives behind this report:

Principal Objective: The principal objective is to find the “Supply chain Management Practices of Taskeater”.

Secondary objective: The report is a prerequisite for the completion of BBA degree from BRAC University.

Scope of the Study

This report will be covering Supply chain Management Practices of Taskeater through their outsourcing business. This project is based on the knowledge and experiences I have gathered from my internship at Taskeater Bangladesh Limited.


The entire project was completed in a systematic way, from choosing the topic to deciding the project and the whole thing in between. The main step was to choosing the topic, which I discussed with my internship supervisor, Dr. Mamun Habib. By his proper supervision and support I carefully chose this subject to work on. Secondly, data sources, both principal and subordinate were required to be recognized, considered and studied in order to perform this study. Finally, a big share of all the material presented here are composed from working in the office practically and discussing with the current personnel of the company and also with my supervisor at office and from the client I worked with during my internship period at Taskeater.

For my project, primary data were gathered from my office supervisor, by talking to my client named Quiqup and the colleagues of my office. Moreover, direct observation of my supervisor and the experience I have gathered for the last three months have also helped me to learn and present relevant material to the topic in discussion of this project. On the other hand, some of the secondary data were obtained from the website of the organizations, both Taskeater and Quiqup (my client). Besides, look into over the web has equally assisted me to share insights with respect to the talked about point in this report. Every relevant information sources are mentioned at the end of this report, in the reference part. Last but not the least, I have also followed the supply chain management model of Dr. Mamun Habib to relate the supply chain activities of Taskeater.

Limitations of the Study:

  • The main limitation I have faced is the topic itself, the topic itself is moderately new thus I could not find enough information to gather for my research.
  • Lack of Sufficient articles, publications and papers related to my topic are also a problem I have faced during the preparation of my research.
  • Another problem is the lack of time I got for my report. There could have many things I could not mention in my report because of the allocated time I have got for the preparation of my report. If i have more time to prepare this report may be I could have done more than this.
  • There were additionally a couple of things un-replied by the administration of the organization, since they would not like to share a wide range of data regarding their supply chain management practices because some of them are very internal and confidential.

Organizational Overview

Taskeater Bangladesh Ltd

Taskeater builds extended teams for internet companies operating primarily in Europe. Taskeater’s teams support clients in areas such as data processing, back-end operations, content moderation, lead generation, and online marketing. Taskeater sets up ongoing dedicated teams that work directly with clients. Clients view Taskeater as a way to outsource certain processes so that they can focus on innovation and the areas that are core to their competitive advantage. Taskeater’s current and past clients are from around the world, including from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Lithuania, France, Canada and Germany.


  1. Taskeater was founded in March 2014 as a Finland-based corporation with its main office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. In March 2015, Taskeater Bangladesh Limited was incorporated to support the growing organization in Dhaka.
  3. In August 2015, Taskeater hired its first Europe-based employee in London to beginning building its international sales organization.
  4. In February 2017, Taskeater moved into its first commercial office premises in Mirpur14.
  5. As of July 2017, Taskeater had 220 employees.
  6. As of September 2017, Taskeater had 280 employees.

Company Goals

Taskeater does not have a mission or vision statement, but instead two clear goals:

To become a brand of choice for high growth companies in Europe for outsourcing.

To become an employer of choice for young professionals in Bangladesh.

Company Organization and Management

The current company organization as of 12 April 2018 is depicted in the following diagram. Services offer by Taskeater:

  • Lead Generation
  • Content Moderation
  • Order Processing
  • Dataentry
  • Tagging and Categorization
  • Transcription
  • Online Data Collection
  • Security Camera Surveillance
  • Call Centre auditing

Way of Communication

The two main channels of business communication internally and with clients are email and Skype.

Internship Experience

Description of the Job

I am currently working as an Analyst of Taskeater. I am working in the lead generation department. Now question comes what is lead generation? Lead generation is basically finding personal and non-personal information like Emails, phone number, postcode address etc. for the business purpose. In my department my team leader Mr. Asad Zaman trained me perfectly and made me understood about the job I have to do for my company. Basically Taskeater provides on the job training to its employees so that employees can understand their responsibility faster, I was first trained to collect Email IDs of different professionals. After that time by time I have learned how to find postcode address phone numbers and LinkedIn professional profile, online stores, outlets etc.

After successfully completed my training period for a week, I was assigned to a client named Quiqup a last mile delivery service company situated in United Kingdom. From that time to till now I was working for Quiqup. Till now, I have performed different types of lead services (services associated with lead generation) for them. First month I have worked to find leads for their targeted companies that they are going to affiliate for their delivery business where most of their targeted companies are London based restaurant and electronics companies. They wanted to provide logistics/ delivery support for them thus all they needed was finding their necessary information to contact with them. I have helped them in this manner. In this 3 months I have been giving client Quiqup, my all the cooperation on behalf of Taskeater which is helping them to conduct their own business.

Learning Outcome

  • I have learnt different software tools and how to utilize them like excel, hubuco, email inspector etc.
  • Learn to analyze and visualize data to identify the desire information
  • I have learnt to finish any task within the time limit.
  • Learnt how to do multitasking
  • I have improved my negotiation skill and how to create a win-win situation
  • Working with different type of people is my another learning experience
  • I am also learning how to think critically and effectively. Sometimes I have to give my own creativity and create a solution.
  • Since, we uphold a day-to-day communication with our client, my communication abilities are getting enhanced as well.
  • I have learned meeting deadlines, handling client’s feedback and criticism which can help me to grow professionally.
  • I have also learnt how to work both as a team and solitary man.
  • I have also learned how supply chain of a BPO company like Taskeater works.

Lastly, the main thing I have learnt is the responsibility. If I do something wrong I have learnt to take the responsibility. I try to learn from my mistakes rather than blaming others. I think this internship experience helps me to make myself more mature and responsible personally and professionally.

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