Preparation Advice for Hvac before Spring

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Table of Contents

  • Clean the Outdoor Unit
  • Inspect the Outdoor Unit
  • Get Your Ducts Cleaned
  • Replace the Filter
  • Air Things Out
  • Check for Leaks
  • Test the Cooling Function
  • Schedule Spring Maintenance

It’s that time of year where everyone is looking forward to the end of winter. The spring thaw is on its way, bringing with it warmer temperatures and melty snow. Before you know it, it’ll be time to get your spring HVAC tune-up to prepare for the hot summer months. As you anticipate turning off the furnace, keep in mind some steps that you can take early on in the spring to keep your system in tip-top shape.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Since the fall, a lot of debris has likely built up on, in, and around your outdoor unit. Be sure to clean up around it by raking away leaves, branches, and accumulated dirt. If by chance you have anything growing too closely to the unit, trim that back as well. Clean the coils with a vacuum attachment; or if the freezing temperatures have passed for the year, spray them with a garden hose. This will get rid of any buildup.

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Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Who knows when the last time you actually took a long look at your unit was? Take a moment to do so this spring. What you’re looking for is that the unit is on a level, stable surface. Check the condenser coils for any signs of damage, damage could pose a serious problem when you go to turn on your air conditioning. If there is any visible damage, call your HVAC servicer.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

If you didn’t do this before the heating season started, it can’t hurt do it now. Having your ducts clean is something you want to do before that air conditioning comes on. They have likely collected a lot of dust, dirt, and debris among other things. This will also help cut back on those spring allergies. On average, you want to get your ducts professionally cleaned every five to seven years at the least.

Replace the Filter

We’ve said it a thousand times and we’re sure to say it at least a thousand times more: Replace your filter! You probably don’t want to know what all your filter has collected since you last changed it; although, we can tell you it certainly isn’t anything you want to breathe in. A dirty filter can restrict air flow and reduce air quality, not to mention they force your system to work harder.

Air Things Out

There’s a sweet spot between seasons where you don’t need your HVAC unit, when the air outside is at the perfect temperature. This is the perfect time to up your windows. If you want to keep the air in the house moving, use fans. If you don’t suffer from allergies, you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Check for Leaks

Hopefully, the preventative measures you took in the fall are still holding up by this time. Even so, it can’t hurt to go around the house and check for possible leaks. Not water leaks; air leaks. The places you want to look are around doors and windows. Fill any cracks and replace worn weather stripping to ensure that your cool air stays inside when it comes time to turn on the air conditioning.

Test the Cooling Function

You glide through most of spring without any issues. As it warms up outside, you turn on the air conditioner, only it goes kaput. You can avoid surprises like this by testing your unit beforehand. All you need to do is turn it on and set your thermostat a few degrees lower. Give it a bit to get going then make sure that you feel cool air coming out of the vents around the home. If there are any strange sounds, odors, or warm air then give your HVAC tech a call. That way, you can get it fixed before you actually need it.

Schedule Spring Maintenance

Ideally, you want to schedule maintenance twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. A licensed professional will check coolant levels, airflow, and output as well as electrical connections and hoses. If any repairs are required, they can be completed before the busy season starts. You might even consider enrolling in a maintenance agreement. That way, you won’t have to remember to schedule tune-ups and they’ll still get done. If your HVAC unit needs its spring tune-up, give A/C Masters a shout. You can schedule by phone or by visiting our website, no matter what time. Let our skilled professionals help you today!

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