Preparing Your Kid for College While Homeschooling


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Many parents prefer to send their homeschooled kid to regular high schools because of college applications. They believe they won’t be able to cover what is necessary and narrow their child’s chances of getting admitted. This is not necessarily true, a lot of colleges and universities have grown more understanding to applications from homeschooled kids.

Applying to tertiary institutions may seem intimidating to the homeschooled because most of the requirements are partial to the regular school students. The admission departments of most tertiary institutions now understand that the applications from homeschoolers will be different and have set up alternative ways for them to apply.

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An official high school transcript will be required. You can download a free high school transcript template online and fill it up with grades of assessment tests taken throughout the high school years. Sometimes, the college/university will require additional evidence that your child truly got those grades. Evidence could be prepared in the following ways: tutoring centers and mentors.

Enrolling your child in a tutoring center will help demonstrate that your teenager can work with teachers other than their parent. Recommendation letters from tutors and mentors that have taught your child in a way assure the school of your child’s skill and ability to learn. Online classes. Classes that are taught with approved curriculums and standard hours can certify your kid’s ability. Look for a class with a good reputation and approved examinations that will grade your child.

Community college. Homeschoolers could enroll in a nearby community college and complete the necessary classes to get the certified grade they need to enter a four-year college or university. Glowing recommendation letters from handlers of those courses give your child a very high chance of admission.

AP Classes and Exams. A class is called AP if it is approved by College Board. Your kid taking AP classes and passing AP exams shows that your kid is capable of coping and excelling in first-year college courses. The exams are conducted by the College Board and scored a scale of 1-5. Success in the exam gives your kid an edge over other applicants, even regular school applicants. The exam only takes place only in the month of May every year. When your kid is ready to take the test, contact the College board to direct you to a local school that would serve as the venue.

SAT/ACT Tests. Most four-year colleges and universities require every student whether homeschooled or not to take the SAT/ACT tests. A good score in such a general exam proves to them that your child learned the right things to cope in a tertiary institution. Though not all of them are satisfied with just this alone. Some of the require additional testing such as the SAT II Subject Test to be taken on specific courses not covered in the SAT/ACT. Success in these tests increases their chances of getting admitted. Make sure your kid enrolls for the test at least 3 months before the college admission deadline to prevent problems, problems such as the result not being delivered before the date of the deadline which immediately nullifies the application.

Your kid has to have some extracurricular activities under his belt. Examples of such activities include sporting activities, community activities, volunteering, and many more. Your kid doesn’t have to be a sports star, he just needs a specific number of hours of such activities. Though being a sports star definitely has its advantages. Encourage your kid to volunteer and participate in community activities or join a local sports dance or music group. Participating in these activities highlights your kid ability to work in a team.

This is an extra bonus point for your child, that is if your child desires to apply for a course that is more applied like programming, painting, dancing designing, and writing. Your kid could create and submit an example of his talent such as a painting, an app and a video of his dance steps, as long as it is relevant to the course he is applying for. This is an extra point to his admission credentials.

A normal homeschool curriculum isn’t enough to get your kid admitted, you will need to teach your kid extra things and make participate in extra activities to be able to stand a chance against other applicants. Getting an admission placement is a competition and if you want your kid to come out on top, you need to start preparing for college as soon as he starts his high school curriculum. Don’t be scared, a lot of homeschooled kids have successfully entered and graduated from college. If that is the plan for your kid, it’s still very possible. Do not give up.

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