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 We live in these days in a world where there are lots of strong competition between companies especially in the UAE, so that in order to succeed in delivering the idea of the company the responsible people for business must express their ideas effectively and they must have the ability to deliver them correctly and convincingly without making it difficult to deliver them to others. A business presentation must achieve its goal of convincing buyers of the idea, in which case the responsible person should take care of the presentation and present it in an accurate and correct manner as the presentation is the most important opportunity to exchange ideas and deliver key ideas which the company is interested in. In order to make a good and effective presentation, the presenter must have the skills for presenting good and efficient business presentations to customers. These are divided into two parts:

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First, attention should be paid to the content of the presentation from good writing to the presentation of ideas in a sequential and understandable manner, improving content and language, using examples, focusing on body language, and showing confidence and showing non-hesitation during the presentation. Secondly, attention should be paid to attract the attention of the audience, emphasizing the benefits of the product, speaking fluently and raising the voice in order to convince buyers about the benefits of the product they are trying to offer them.

There are several ways to convince buyers to buy your company's product. These techniques depend specifically on your way for offering the benefits of your company's product to buyers and not focus on mentioning the advantages of this product because buyers are interested in their benefits rather than the advantages of the product. Do not complicate things, as well as write a clear, understandable and concise list of product benefits, focus on what is unusual and unique to your product and ultimately focus on the advantages that differentiate your product from the products of the competing companies.

In these times, there are some problems in companies business that can lead to the failure of the company in the end, there are several factors that may lead to cause these problems, including lack of marketing good products of the company and not to follow new methods and modern marketing for the company's products, The competition with other companies which may have full acquisition of the market leads to these problems and failures, and may be caused by mismanagement of the company or bad product provided by the company to customers, and lack of good funding for the company may cause bad problems in business and failure in its work.

In order to solve these problems you must first identify the problem and define it clearly, and then develop possible options for the problem and discuss well and put it on all those responsible in the company, and then start to implement these solutions and always ensure the quality of products.

In conclusion, these days companies work depend in particular on the number of sales of products produced by the company and on the amount of satisfaction of customers about the products of this company, so, it is very important to attract buyers and customers and convince them to buy the product, and to achieve that the company must hire good people with sufficient skill to show their products benefits to the buyers and attract customers' attention, and constantly explore and solve business problems in a short time.


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