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The post reveals great disgust in Volkswagen’s emission scandal. It explores diverse critical elements that must be considered to ensure the production and delivery of quality products to the consumers. It is evident that embracing perfection and transparency as an organizational strategy massively contributed to high consumers’ loyalty (Mansouri, 2016). Moreover, I agree that managers and employees must always adopt ethical behaviors to influence and redirect the implemented corporate policies. Instead of only focusing on internal business productions and distribution, an organization needs to emphasize of multidimensional models of eradicating unethical conducts and unwanted business behaviors, an element that has consequently tarnished Volkswagen’s reputation after it was found to violate the environmental regulations (Mansouri, 2016). 

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Despite frequent occurrences of conflicts and problems, adopting an ethical and moral solution to such challenges helps an organization to avoid future compromises and incitements that destroys company’s reputation. I agree that Volkswagen, like any modern company, might have been overwhelmed with challenges, but compromising its integrity to remain in business was a dangerous move. As an employee of the company, I would not agree with the scandalous actions only to ensure the profitability margin remains constant or increases.

Additionally, I concur that as an employee of Volkswagen, preventing future occurrences of problems will require an adequate restructuring of the ethical standards of the company. It is evident that currently, the business morality and integrity have adamantly diminished, which can only be elevated through advocating for appropriate military leadership standards that focus on communication, anticipation, verification, anticipation, and follow-ups. I acknowledge that adopting the CAVF leadership standard would enable Volkswagen to redeem itself. Nonetheless, focusing on adequate training of employees on positive business values such as integrity, transparency, accountability, honesty, and contentment rather than justification of actions must be a priority.

I agree that authentic leadership characters that advocate for accountability, responsibility, and remorsefulness. As a manager, it is critical to accept and embraces sincerity and quality control. While different situations often arose within an organization, I ascertain that taking charge of addressing unethical conduct if a fundamental responsibility of the CEO. As a CEO it is critical to put not only curative measures but also preventive measures that deter the consumers from calling off the product from the market (McDonald & Zepp, 1990). 

I consent that strategic leadership skills and confrontative leadership attitude that is vital in facilitating and ensuring the organization uphold highest ethical standards. Moreover, it shows significant value and integrity as it advocates for restoring consumers’ loyalty to the company’s product, which indicates the organizational directive not to increase its profitability with inconsiderable attitude, but to ensure consumers’ satisfaction through timely delivery of quality products and being significantly flexible always to provide positive feedback when addressing customer’s complaints (Nicolaides, 2015).

Further, the discussion thread also denotes the CEO’s critical role in evaluating diverse phenomena in both internal and external environment that can be utilized and actualized to increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction regardless of previous organizational challenges and setbacks. The post critically used diverse, authentic sources to assess and affirm the importance of substantial-quality evaluation within organization’s products. For instance, it helps in upholding the company’s internal cohesion and standardizes its reputation as it delivers on its promises regardless of the vulnerability. Therefore, as the CEO of Volkswagen, it is essential indicate unique characteristics relevant for controlling diesel vehicles and ensuring consumer satisfaction and loyalty before majoring on profits.  

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