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Pro-Choice and the Misuse of the Word Abortion

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Pro-lifers should never use the word “abortion.” It’s too soft a word. To begin with, it’s the wrong terminology. The definition of abortion is the expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it is viable outside of the womb.

In the wholesale killing of unborn babies that are done today, the fetus IS viable inside the womb. It has to be killed first. This is called a surgical, or induced abortion.

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Plain abortions, which are spontaneous abortions, are nature’s way to expel a non- viable embryo/fetus. (dead embryo/fetus.)

Before the Roe-Wade decision 25 years ago, if a woman lost her unborn without surgical intervention, the doctor referred to this as an abortion and the lay person used the term miscarriage. Now somewhere along the line the PCKU (pro-choice to kill the unborn) has taken liberties with semantics and uses the word abortion in place of surgical or induced abortion.

The definition of viable is: capable of living. And the embryo/fetus IS capable of living inside the womb. Again somewhere along the line, to suit the PCKU, the meaning of viable when it pertains to the killing of unborn babies, now means: the fetus is able to survive outside of the womb.

Forget that it can survive inside the womb — apparently that’s not important anymore.

It used to be, that the safest place for the unborn to be, was in the mother’s womb — she would protect her unborn baby with her life. How times have changed. Now it’s the most dangerous place on the face of the earth.

33% of the time, the unborn baby will be killed. It all depends on the luck of the draw.

Frankly, I’m getting tired of the PCKU using the semantic game…twisting words around to make the killing of unborn babies sound more palatable.

To be accurate and truthful, the PCKU should use the words: induced or surgical abortion to differentiate them from spontaneous abortions. But this doesn’t sound as good as just plain abortion.

I would urge every Pro-lifer to never use the word abortion, and substitute the “Killing of the unborn.” That is if you really want to make a difference and end this holocaust. When you use the word abortion, you are playing right into the hands of the PCKU.

They don’t want you to say, the killing of the unborn, and yet that’s exactly what is done. The embru/fetus has to be killed before it’s aborted.

Every time I hear Pro-life advocates on TV/radio or see the written word abortion, instead of the killing of the unborn, I cringe. What a golden opportunity wasted. It’s as if they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the PCKU.

Pro-lifers should shout it from the highest mountain and from every TV and radio station, that from now on, the word abortion will be stricken from their vocabulary. From now on you will be truthful and call a spade a spade and you won’t be afraid to hurt the feelings of the PCKU. We’ve been placating and coddling them long enough. Do you think they’re afraid when they butcher or condone the butchering of unborn babies? Do you think they’re afraid to hurt the feelings of the unborn babies?

Picture this:

A woman says to her friend, “tomorrow, I’m going to have an abortion.” Now contrast this with, “tomorrow, I’m going to have my unborn baby killed.”(which is the truth) The first sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? Even the most ardent member of the PCKU would have to admit, that they both mean the same.

You have to wonder, if the latter were said by every woman about to have her unborn baby killed — how many would actually go through with it. Some probably still would, but the number would be reduced drastically.

So if they don’t say it to themselves, we will remind them, because we will not use the word “abortion” anymore. We will substitute, “the killing of the unborn.”

This is why it’s imperative to spread the word to all Pro-lifers to tell the truth and make this simple change.

The more the word “kill” is used, the better. Abolishing the word, “abortion” from our vocabulary, shouldn’t be that much of a hardship for us…should it. So we have to expend a little more energy to add a few more words — contrast this to the hardship of ab unborn baby, who is condemned to death without a trial and feels excruciating pain in many instances.

This small change is the least that we can do for the most precious of God’s creations. Let’s not coddle these butchers any longer.

1.4 million unborn babies are being killed every year. We’ve got to act fast and not be afraid to be truthful. What a weapon truth is, but for some reason, we’re afraid to use it…WHY?


This can only be successful if every pro-lifer gets involved and spreads the word, both on and off the internet.

We’ve got to use our biggest and best weapon against the PCKU…THE TRUTH.

Every day counts. So far we’ve been playing into their hands — using words that they want us to use and we oblige them.

Notice, that I don’t use the word murder, even though I and other Pro-lifers think it is.

I don’t think that we should use it, because legally it’s not murder and we shouldn’t give the PCKU ammunition to consider us liars who are oblivious to the laws of our land.

But there is one thing that they cannot deny, and that is the fact, that the unborn baby is killed and the difference between murder and the killing of unborn babies is separated by a thin line. A line so thin that it’s invisible and doesn’t exist in the Bible — and our morals are predicated on the Holy Scriptures and not on ulterior motives that will make our lives easier.

The fetus, regardless of the stage of development is a human being…this cannot be refuted by anyone.

A person who kills unborn babies for a living, once admitted, that an embryo/fetus is a human being, but in the next breath says, but it is not a person. This is nothing but double-talk. Dictionaries define “human being,” as a person. Now the PCKU wants to change the meaning of words in the dictionary just to suit their agenda. They cannot deny that the embryo/fetus is a human being so they latch on to this word, “person,” and try to change its meaning.

Can you imagine, if every Pro-lifer substitutes “the killing of the unborn” for abortion, what an impact it will have, but as I write this, I hope I’m not wasting my time. I hope that people can see the impact that I see and I hope that they won’t feel inconvenienced, (where have I heard that word before) by the extra words that describe the truth. Or, maybe they don’t want to confront the PCKU with the truth, which might hurt their feelings.

So if every death of an unborn baby saddens you and you really want to do more to save their lives — now you know. Now you have no excuse.


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