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Firearms have been one of the most innovative and revolutionizing tools in human history. The advancement and use of firearms have been a prominent part of American society throughout generations. Many people believe that firearms are the cause of many deaths and wars throughout human history and should be banned or at the least strictly regulated. Depending on one’s viewpoint guns could be seen as malicious or unnecessary given recent mass shootings and the number of deaths due to firearms each year. Some may use these tragedies as a basis for an anti-gun argument suggesting political offices to act against guns as a solution for such tragedies, other solutions may also include a series of Gun Control laws to prevent these catastrophes. While these solutions may bring forth change many people on the other side of the spectrum disagree with these ideas. These ideas stem from the basis that guns are necessary for public and self-protection. Although the use of firearms has led to many mass shootings, they have also prevented many of these terroristic threats from taking place. Gun supporters suggest firearms are a necessary right for protection against these attacks that are seemingly happening too often. They also believe gun education and licenses would promote firearm safety and prevent/reduce the yearly deaths caused by the misuse of firearms. Both the right and left share opposite solutions to a problem that has recently overcome the U.S. One of the solutions involves removing guns from citizens to prevent these attacks. The other suggests the right to bear arms is a constitutional right that the government should uphold for the safety of its citizens. In the following, real-life examples of both perspectives are given to show how each side deals with the same issue.

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One of the many reasons anti-gun supporters agree with the idea that the government should step in and act against gun ownership is because of the most recent mass shootings that are going on in our schools. These school shootings have left many families to grieve the loss of their loved ones. Researchers at a statistics website suggest; “The United States sees the most school shootings in the world. Some motivations for school shootings included depression, seeking revenge, and bullying. As a result of a large number of school shootings, gun control has become a central topic in U.S. politics.” These school shootings could be an example of the ease of access and attainability of firearms by these terrorists. Most recent years gun-control activists have urged people to support their cause in an attempt to prevent these senseless acts. The shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, is one of the many examples of what could potentially happen to anyone. While gun control may be a viable solution to many of these ongoing acts of violence it could also be used as a way to combat these acts. Although most of the current events going on now demonstrate the consequences of the misuse of firearms, numerous amount of mass shootings have also been prevented by licensed gun owners. The prevention of these attacks has brought forth the argument that guns should not be confiscated by the government rather they believe it would be more beneficial to be educated on the use of firearms for self and public protection. A most recent example is the shooting that took place in a church in Texas, several armed parishioners were able to stop an attack perpetrated by an active shooter. In a breaking news interview with CNN, Texas Police Chief JP Bevering further explains the situation stating; “A man entered the church and fired a weapon, a couple of members of the church returned fire striking the subject.” Pro-Gun supporters believe this is a prime example of why more citizens should be educated and armed rather than being defenseless in a situation like this. This as well as many other incidences that have occurred where an active shooter is prevented from potentially causing a mass shooting incident.

While both are two very different solutions to the same problem the problem persists. On one side, the argument that we should do away with guns is strongly encouraged. This stems from the belief that guns owned by citizens only encourage violence and are the sole reason for these terrorist attacks. On the other side, pro-gun supporters believe gun ownership is the solution to these mass shootings. In many cases, mass shootings have been prevented by licensed gun owners who were able to neutralize the situation because of their training and education on firearms. Although a bipartisan solution has not been established a solution is surely shortly. No one truly knows the motive for these mass killings, but firearms have been a factor in these events.  

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