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Pro-life and pro-choice are the two most debated opinions these days, especially after the recent events in the USA which could lead to abortion ban in many states. Since this ... is one of the most controversial topics in the world, it is also one of the most frequent topics in academic circles. Pro-life and pro-choice essays are some of the most commonly assigned in the world. This is partly to get students familiarized with both sides of the discussion and their pros and cons, but also to help them develop the argumentative and persuasive skills in writing. Such controversial topics are perfect for argumentative essays. Let’s discuss these two options a bit. Many students will choose to write a pro choice and pro life essay. This are two different points of view about a single matter, and they are so widely and fiercely debated, that there’s so much interesting information to write in your papers. One side is occupied with the women’s rights and believes that women should be given the right to choose to abort a baby if they decide to do so. The other side is occupied with saving lives. They believe that abortion equals murder. As you can guess, those in the first group are pro-choice. The others are pro-life. If you write on this topic i.e. differentiate between the two and point out their pros and cons, you could use our samples on this website to create your unique essay outline and present the arguments. If your topic is about pro-life, there are also other things to write about. You can talk about the source of it all - pro-life as a term resulted from the abortion wars of the 1970s. Or, you can compare this movement to the situation today. Pro-life has grown into a thriving community of people with the mindset that all human life is valuable and abortion is against this. The core idea behind the pro-life movement is that every human being’s life is valuable and, as soon as a baby is conceived, removing it from the world should be considered a crime. You could research this belief and discuss it thoroughly, psychologically as well as culturally, in your essay. Unlike what many people think, pro-life work doesn’t solely revolve around anti-abortion. The most common areas of pro-life work include combatting racism, eliminating human trafficking, as well as matters such as special needs, immigration, poverty, etc. Taking a look at the history of different countries and the world in general can be really interesting when you’re researching pro-life movements. For example, throughout much of Western history, abortion wasn’t considered a criminal act. Some states decided to criminalize abortion, while others legalized it. There’s also the matter of numbers and risks. In countries where abortion is illegal, many opt for secret and unsafe abortions. The death rate for legal abortions is 0.7 deaths in 100,000 abortions, but this number is significantly higher when abortions are done in unsafe conditions. Furthermore, there is the matter of how far should legality go in terms of choice, what is humane and what is not, and how the laws can impact the situation in different countries in the world. As you can see, there’s a lot to be said about pro-life movements. This is what makes the topic challenging to research and write about. Students often struggle with finding the right arguments and data to support them, or even picking the topic to write about in the first place. Take a look at these free essays on pro-life topics on the website. They can be a great guidance and give you some motivation to get started with your paper.
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