Problem of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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You are never too old to show off your passion for work. Age discrimination is a problem that affects older adults workers and it’s a major issue. Around the 1960s the age discrimination employment act of 1967 was created, and it protected “certain applicants and employees forty years of age and older from discrimination based on age in hiring” (Age Discrimination). Companies should never fire older employees based on their age, but it is required that an elderly that is 65 and up t tryo retired. Even though some business does not follow the ADEA law they still let go of all the elderly that are not suitable for their job, no more. Although businesses should not be allowed to discriminate against workers based on age, it is important to keep in mind that the older are not familiar with the new technologies, have chronic diseases, do not have the stamina, need additional training, and would not like criticism.

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Age discrimination should be allowed in the workplace because the elderly might not be familiar with the new technologies. It is obvious that throughout the decades new are developing and companies are adopting these new technologies to make the work process faster. According to the book, Aging and Work in the 21st Century, “One potential concern for older workers is whether they are up to date with the new technology and …if they will need additional training” (Shultz 225). If this is the case, the elderly could have a difficult time working with the new advanced products since they are not “up to date” with the new high tech and will need additional training. The elderly not being familiar with the new advances could affect the company negatively since the purpose of adapting to the new technologies is to make the work process more complex. It is said that the older workers are not familiar and are used to working with technical equipment as the younger. Based on the research “Age Differences in Technology Adoption Decisions, “User reactions and technology usage behavior were studied over a 5-month period among 118 workers being introduced to a new software system…compared to older workers, younger workers technology usage decisions were more strongly influenced by the technology” (Morris 375). The younger workers have a more advanced usage of technology than the elderly and because of their age, they are more familiar with the new advanced than the techs. Therefore, the companies have the right to age discriminate the elderly since what the companies want is to have a more complex working process using the new high tech and having to train the elderly for, they could become used to using it could be a waste of time. But some Hr professionals argue that age discrimination should not be allowed in business but, it should. Older workers tend to be more attached to their work since they have been working for a long period of time. According to John Shield hiring older adults is good since many “older employees have a serious commitment to work and they are loyal” (Shield). In this case, older workers are less likely to turn against their companies and do something that could harm them. The elderly are more passionate about their work that they will do anything to keep it and work for as long as they can thank the ADEA law. According to the article Hire older Workers the older have a good work ethic, “Based on a 2010 Pew Research Center survey nearly six in ten respondents cited work ethic as one big difference between young and old…and older people have a better work ethic”(Giang). Older tend to have a better work ethic and set a moral principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous. This demonstrates that businesses should age discriminate workers based on their age because they could bring out the best for the companies.

Age discrimination should be allowed in companies because the older could have chronic diseases that could affect the way they work. Working in big companies is great but not to the point where you hit a certain age and start forgetting important information from work. There is a common disease that the elderly have a chance of getting which is dementia (brain disease marked by memory disorder). According to the book 21st-century workforce and workplace, “the elderly sometimes has chronic and fluctuating health conditions that affect their functional capacity at work or increase their risk of having to leave work prematurely” (Bevan277). Dementia is a common disease today and if the company notices that the elderly are having trouble maintaining information, they are most likely going to tell them to “leave work premastering”. Commonly, having dementia could be an obstacle in life. According to The World Health Organization, “Estimated that in 2012 ten percent of 35.6 million people worldwide with dementia are age under 65 years old” (Bevan 278). In other words, it would be difficult to work with this kind of condition at an older age since technically the workers with dementia will always forget what they are doing. Therefore, the companies have the right to age discriminate and elderly if the company doesn’t want to get hurt just because the older forgot to do something.

Age discrimination should be allowed because it is possible that the older won’t be able to have the strength to keep up with the work. Older people usually like working at their own pace but since now companies are competing against each other the pace of work is faster. Based on the Article Older employees slowing down by Pat Domenico mentioned that” As a new court ruling shows if you have employees who can’t meet the jobs required- and preferably written- performance levels you are not required to keep them on staff regardless of their age” (Domenico). It could be hard for the elderly to keep up with the work because of their age and don’t have the same stamina as the young. As people get older, the less energy, the less strength they have but the older adults are supposed to get slower as they get older since the body doesn’t function the same as when they were younger. According to the article, the Effects of Aging on Job Performance, “aging is most likely to affect job performance if job tasks require rapid reaction or physical strength …people lose mass and muscle strength when they get older…older workers may have difficulty keeping up with the companies demands” (Suttle). In other words, as one gets older the less strength energy one has, and it could be difficult to “keep up with the demands the companies” order. Companies have the right to discriminate against someone from there because the companies are just trying to move at a faster pace and having elders that can’t keep up could affect their business. Like in this image the old lady is falling behind the younger people and can’t keep up with the pace. This means that the older workers don’t have the stamina to Maintain working at a good is most likely that they will slow down and fall behind from all the work.

Some companies let go of their older employees because some of them need additional training. Training and older adult that is over 65 could be a waste of time since the law indicates that by that age, they should be retired living their beautiful life. According to the article, training effective for older workers by Matteo Picchio, Picchio mentioned that, “older adults are slower, less effective, and more heterogeneous than younger people in learning new skills” (Picchio). The companies don’t want to waste their time on a person that’s needs training when they could just hire a younger person that could get learn from the train faster. It is assumed that if the elderly tend to not get the hang of the training business would not like them to work for them. In some cases, for older adults, it could be difficult for them to process the train since they tend to be a little bit slower. According to Picchio,” Training older adults might be ineffective if it does not meet their specific learning needs” (Picchio). In other words, the older adults will not price any significant information if it doesn’t meet up with their standards. This demonstrates that businesses would consider training the elderly a waste of time since they are less effective to learn from the training than the young.

Many business age discriminates against the older worker because they would not like criticism. Businesses prefer working with younger adults since they will take any kind of criticism since they are barely starting to work. But as said in the article, “ Why Employers don’t Hire Older Employees” by Chitra Reddy, “An older worker who has some experience will not be willing to take any criticism and might even make a fuss in the event of someone giving him/she even a piece of advice”(Reddy). In other words, older workers will make it a difficult time for the employers to advise them on what they are doing wrong since the older workers say that they are “experience” and do not need any help. This exemplifies that businesses don’t want older adults to work for them since they will take the criticism the wrong way. As a matter of fact, older workers do not like being told that they need to learn new techniques. In the article, 7 obstacles for workers by Dennis Fitzgerald, “ older employees are overly confident about doing any job without recognizing that there will be new things to learn, new ways to do an old old job”(Fitzgerald).

Although companies should not age discriminate a worker based on their age, it is important to keep in mind that it their business and could age discriminate whoever. Age discrimination should not be allowed because they are not familiar with the new technologies. Older workers working could be detrimental to the company since they could have trouble memo ring information. Older workers tend to become slower and not be at the same level as the younger. Also, the older workers would need additional training. Some may argue that age discrimination should not be allowed, but the true story is it should since they will have the opportunity to hire younger employees. Although age discrimination could harm the workers the companies only think on the bright side they would do anything to make their company successful and if that means firing the older that what they will do.    

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