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Problem Of Bullying And How To Deal With It In Schools

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Bully happened every day in our life maybe we just did not pay attention towards it. Eventually, we may become one of the bully ourselves, but we often do not notice it. When we comment about others’ personality, facial look and make fun of people. It may look like a small joke for you but it may cause a big impact towards others. Therefore, it comes out of a question which is does it have any possibility that bully can be stop once and for all.

Firstly, we know that bully cases happened because of few reasons such as influence of friends, neglection of parents, lack of moral education and revenge. Hence, in order to make bully cases vanish from this world. The main factor which is parents need to play an important role by teaching our children moral values. Unfortunately, in this present world, there is plenty of broken family, divorced family and immature family. They have a hard time to cope with their own problems which is financial and discrimination. Hence, they hardly manage to teach their children.

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In an addition, another problem that we need to conquer to stop bully once and for all is education. Nowadays, education become a measuring tools to determine a child future. It has lost its original purpose which it educates children to become a better person. School have just become some kind of business company. Teachers target is to make the students gain as much of A’s as possible. By then the school will get good reputation and teachers will get more salary as well. Therefore, teachers start to force students to work a lot and brainwashing them by telling them “The more A’s you get, the more success you will be in the future.” Furthermore, although in Malaysia Education System, moral is considered as a main subject. However, students do not really get the real juice about morality. What the syllabus teaches is only the way to answer the moral paper. The subject because something like history subject which we need to memorize the definition of every morality behavior and facts.

Let’s take the education system of ancient China for an example, teachers in that time teaches Confucius and other philosophers. Confucianism is the education of self-improvement and the purpose of to transmit heritages into people that know how to solve problems of the society and government (Mitchell,2010). Furthermore, Confucianism have also dominated the educational system of ancient China for hundreds of years (Mitchell,2010). Therefore, those who have education will understand it is a must to follow those moral values. Hence, they will not bully people as they also know it will bring disgrace to their family.

In conclusion, the possibility to eliminate bully from this world is extremely low as people tend to neglect the need of morality. They believe that power and authority is more important in this world. However, it was too early to give up. We still have a chance to make this dream come true which is by starting to advice the next generations, your child, your siblings, your neighbour. The effect may seem small but if everyone starts to be nice to each other and avoid the culture of violence and let them know that bully brings only harm to yourself and others.

By the way, do the bully himself considered as a victim as well because it will somehow hurt himself? It may be as more than half the bully regret what they do in the past. This is because when they get mature they tend to understand that it was their stupidity that cause them to lose the ability to differentiate what is right and wrong. They just follow what their bully leader wanted them to do. After the incident and when they grew up, they will rethink about the incident and feel guilty and worry about their victims on whether they will suffer with nightmares. This eventually also causes them to get mental illness as well because of guiltiness. The case will also be the same for those who bully people because of family problem. They knew that it was not the victims fault that their family is broken. While the other half who don’t feel regret is because they bully people is just for revenge of being bullied.


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