Problem of Language and Cultural Barrier


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I want to study this topic because I find it quite interesting. I’ve seen people troubled to speak with somebody foreign or unable to talk their language in tv, movies, and reality however I never knew that it was known as a language barrier, even though this is a common worldwide problem the majority either endure it or struggle to search out an answer for language barriers. As well as having a language barrier, Maintaining your culture in a foreign country is also something I would like to study because I am may be able to relate to it.

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What’s a language barrier? A language barrier may be a lack of a common language that stops two or more people from talking to or understanding one another through conversation. For example, an English-speaking person moves to China and meeting those who only speak Chinese may be facing a barrier when trying to communicate. The Chinese people might be able to understand gestures for things like ‘phone’ or ‘water’, however, in terms of shared common language, they have no way of communicating fully.

How to cope with language barriers?

In today’s world, there’s a high chance that you will come across the tremendous language barrier because there are plenty of people from different countries meeting one another. What are the problems with a language barrier? Communication becomes troublesome when people don’t understand people that don’t speak the same language because they are unable to communicate their problems with a foreigner, like asking for directions, or asking for food, or even more serious communication problems like emergency services. Most of the people in the world don’t speak English it is their second or third language. Not that it’s a drag not knowing the way to speak English however learning it would be useful and money-saving as a result of it is understood by many people around the world since it’s the best-spoken communication. Learning languages may be useful if moving to a foreign country, you can not live in a foreign country and only communicate with the locals by waving your hands around because it does not completely show your idea as well as it would if you spoke the language. Even knowing simple words like greetings or helpful questions would be smart. It’s only natural to feel confused or nervous if you can’t speak a common language or struggle to speak it well. The key is to develop confidence in yourself and have the patience to find out and overcome language barriers.

How does one maintain your own culture when in a foreign country?

Staying in a country that has a culture that’s completely different from your own will be difficult. After a foreign country becomes your home a large amount of cultural change may come your way. Completely different language, religion, political background, customs, and general means of life could make maintaining your own culture harder than you would expect. To cope with your new community, you’ll have to make yourself familiar with some of the main parts of the new culture, while not dropping on your personal cultural background and tradition. Opening your mind and changing to fit the new atmosphere and culture doesn’t mean that you just have to be forced to leave or forget your own culture. Depending on your mindset you might find it difficult at first when you try to mix your two cultures or find it easy because you might have studied the country you’re moving to long before. Once you have the mindset to adapt to your new home you should also be able to practice your current traditions and customs while not keeping to yourself from locals of your foreign community. Feeling comfortable in a foreign country needs patience and an open mindset and being comfortable in a foreign country while maintaining your own culture is the end goal. 

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