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Problematic Issues Nursing Students Encounter

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Studying nursing is a lifelong educational expedition with huge educational process that challenges students capacity to be aware, sense and be with analysed thinking skills that prepares student be responsible with patient’s wellbeing. It shows ways to students on how to become support for health care suppliers, patients and their families. The lung in to the unrevealed world of work based with a combination of conceptual and experimental learning which authorities professionalism, worth, knowledge, skill and positive attitude on the sector nursing care.

The enormous section to nursing education is often conveyed in Clinical environment where strong interpersonal and communicational skills are needed. Interpersonal skills have enormous benefaction to health service it is main foundation of nursing. The potential to communicate verbal and written appears to be a challenge; we don’t seem to see socialising more of this days people often prefer texting over having a proper communication which has difficulty in student’s it decrease creativity, confidence, potential to communicate with there teachers and other staff members. Communicating effectively is critical because as the profession needs team work along with understanding of one another. Clinical learning experience is one of the main nursing education which is effective to the progress of qualifying to nursing the experience can have an intense influence on students. Experimentally combining theoretical information to practical with a variety of intellectual, physiological and psychology skills. With its several benefits also comes along challenges with most anxiety producing component like; unpredictable, stressful, challenges while demonstrating important skills in front of supervisors and other students, frightening of making mistakes and working with patients, scarcity of positive role model mentors, getting over whelmed throughout practical phase of nursing school and with constantly changing clinical nature can cause mental, familial issues on students and compromises standards of care service they have a hard time coping up with the pressure which make them feel vulnerable.

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In attention to clinical experience and elements having an enormous role to learning can inflict hefty financial burden on education strategy and great deal of time and energy waste. Pre request courses go further in health care sector and science for that reason many schools make sure students are knowledgeable in calculus, precalculus, statistics and economics which can be found frustrating by Student’s. The other challenge faced by student’s is draining lectures which involves complicated ideal theories that demands strong background knowledge in which you have to retain what you have learned from previous pre-nursing subjects with Projects, assignments, home works, time and attention consuming thesis assignments or reports with in-depth research’s, long hours of study to develop case study’s, set of care plans, documentation with specifications, memorising correct abbreviations and being abel to interpret it struggles with the intensity, complexity and emotional extent of professional practice as it preoccupy much of there time, energy and attention it can be tiering to student’s. Also the strong believe on their student’s capacity to exceed from teachers are sky high towards student’s to be a competent nurses. Drilling exams nursing student’s take after every lecture and clinical could be greatest challenge they might face that are supposed to test their understanding of the Courses with situational tricky questions where they need to select the best answers found on the list where all answers are technically correct. Limited time for other activities can be an everyday problem student’s face they are very busy with long hour study’s, clinical, part time jobs, constantly juggling schedules and other personal commitments maintaining stability between all those could be found exhausting by student’s. They would not have enough time for everything. Nursing school is very challenging when you sum up the course work, reading, doing homework and clinical work there usually isn’t time for any anything else. Financial problems might be the other challenging factor for nursing student’s; studying takes so much time student’s often struggle with financial problems many do not have time to do part time jobs others might have family obligations, child care, mortgage; as nursing have the tendency to attract senior student’s that may have financial responsibilities this issue Is considered by the high demands of time consuming nursing school.

Whilst challenges for nursing students are often the same for some student’s from different countries studying in a different language, society, life style can be found stressful at times with different views, values and perspectives of them this fundamental cultural diversity can have major ramifications for assignments and examinations in nursing education where they struggle during group discussion, class room contributions were certain students have difficulty expressing their opinions variance to others and feeling of being isolated, comparing them self’s to others in the program who are smarter, faster and more comfortable with the curriculum. There are barriers and biases these student’s experience such as academic skill, perceived perceptions about their potential, lack of faculty role models, limited peer support and major financial issues that ‘majority’ student’s do not have to deal with. Many minority students also struggle with the very foundations of housing and food.

NCLEX unlike nursing school exams which test students’ knowledge NCLEX questions your knowledge of skill and the potential to analyse and apply situations using nursing knowledge you gained. Your critical thinking will be questioned which requires you to make kinds of nursing judgments you will face in the real world one of many mistakes students make is assuming any kind of study is worthwhile rather making every moment of study count.

I believe nursing students should overcome the challenges and must learn flexibility, professionalism and a strong work ethic which are essential to the development of new nursing graduates. This are some of the many challenges I found nursing student’s face while studying this course.


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