Problems in Transport Sector of Sri Lanka

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This project basically based on transport sector in Sri Lanka. When identify about this sector transport is improving with beginning of the human. In theoretical simple meaning of transport is moving people or goods one place to another place. In beginning of the human being people walked here and there for their day to day activities. When people start to develop their skills and capabilities transport solutions are also start to develop. When globalization happening according to that this sector have rapid and continuous changes happening in every movement.

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So according to the changes happening in present this sector can be categories in to different varieties such as:

  • Land
  • Air
  • Water.

When move on to Sri Lanka transport system its major sector is an economy. When it belongs to the British Empire they kept major steps in Sri Lankan transport system. They introduce the railway system to Sri Lanka and now it became major transport system in Sri Lanka. Also they develop Sri Lankan road system. After independent from British’s the governments which appoint as authority try to develop it continuously. But Sri Lanka faces to a 30 years civil war. Impact of that government before 2009 can’t do a continuous development for this sector.

After 2009 Sri Lankan civil war was end and now Sri Lanka is united. So investors try to move on to the Sri Lanka but the problem is still Sri Lanka facing issues about infrastructure facilities. In that case transport system can consider a major one. Sri Lanka’s capital city is Colombo also it is Sri Lankan’s economic city. So most of the Sri Lanka government and private companies, organizations spread on this area. So Colombo city has a huge population and thousands of people daily. Geographically Colombo city is located in 699 square kilo meters. It population will be near to 30 million. When considering about travelling more than 100,000 people travelling through Colombo for their day to day duties. Colombo vehicle population more than 900000 in 2015. So considering about that 87.1% of vehicles are private and only 5.7% of vehicles are belong public sector. When moving this vehicles in Colombo urban are its creating a huge traffic in Colombo city. Because the vehicle capacity is not matching with road conditions. So it creating different other root causes such as:

  • People have consume their time in roads with stuck in traffic jammers
  • When starting the vehicles mid of the traffic it will be cause to waste the fuel and creating over fuel consumption
  • When burning unwantedly fossil fuel it is causes to environmental pollution• When people try to recovery their time when they are moving it can be create brutal accidents. So people‘s life are in danger.

So this project report tries to give solutions for above problems. When considering about above facts solutions for those problems is reducing the private vehicle usage and maximizing the public transport system. To that this project is based on public cycling sharing system. Public bicycling schemes that are popular in western countries but relatively new concept in Sri Lanka.

According to that need to identify what are the geographical area need allocate this cycling system. Basically this project need to base on Colombo city entrance areas and most public and urban areas. So according to that need to arrange cycle parking points targeting those areas. In that case need to create cycle parking points near to A grade road which are can consider as entrance ways to Colombo city not only that this are need to base on highways. According to that people who come in to Colombo city need park their private vehicles parking lots which are create in Colombo city boundaries and need to buy a bicycle to travel in the Colombo city.

Other than public transport points also need to be with this cycle points. It means in here project was targeting bus stands railways. When people are came in to Colombo city buy using public transport they need to travel through Colombo city to find their work places. When happening this cycling project cycle points are arrange on these public points and they can use a bicycle to go their work place.

When consider about this cycle system company need to identify cycle parking points and need to allocate cycle points in each roads. Then adding security system and it will help guard the cycles. So to operate this project in efficient manner the company need to register people those who are going to use this system. In that case after registering people company can issue an E card regarding to this system. So it is going to help manage this process when it is operating. People can use the E card and buy the cycle and go where they need to and park and confirm when it is handover or not. When operating this project company need allocate a fair price because there is some funds needs to manage this system. E card can also help for that. In order to apply for the e cards applicants should pay a defined amount to the company. Applicants can get the e card just putting money in to machines established by the company.

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