Problems Which Can Cause a Fair Amount of Stress in the Business Industry

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In the business/sales industry there are many problems which can cause a fair amount of stress and it can make working a lot more difficult. Stress in this industry can be caused by a number of reasons, for example: large amounts of work that needs to be completed by certain deadlines, either not enough money being made or no money being made at all, by not being organised enough for your job, being harassed by another co-worker, staff member or even a possible customer, doubting yourself because of the position that you have been placed in or even working excessively long hours, those are some of the reasons why stress can be caused in the sales/business industry and if you are very stressed there is a possible outcome of having long term mental or physical issues.

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In the business/sales industry stress can be caused by working on large amounts of work that need to be completed by certain deadlines. In a certain company, staff members were asked about common causes of stress within the workplace. Deadlines turned out to be the most common cause of stress when working.

If someone were to have a fair amount of time to complete large loads of work, then there is a possibility that it could help relieve some amount of stress which could make some things easier to do. As mentioned in the second sentence of the paragraph, deadlines are the most common cause of stress (30% of people who were asked said that deadlines are the most common cause for stress).

In the business/sales industry stress can be caused by money. Whether you’re not making enough money or no money at all. By not making enough money for the company you may work for stress will arise because then you may be targeted by your boss or the owner of the company and there is a chance you could get fired even a warning/strike and then you will really start worrying because your job is at stake which will definitely cause stress.

Some of the reasons you may not being earning enough money might be because you don’t follow up on certain tasks. When you don’t follow up with either your work team or a customer there is a chance you can reduce in sales. Another reason is the lack of confidence you may have in yourself, if you don’t believe that you can sell what you’re selling then you won’t make any money. If you don’t believe in yourself, there is the possibility that you may not turn out quite successful as you would have wished. You don’t have the proper knowledge about the services you are providing or the products you are selling and again that can cause a reduce in sales.

In the business/sales industry stress can be caused by having no organisation skills or having a small amount of organisation. When working in the sales or business industry you must have organisation as it is one of the most important skills you could ever have when working. Depending on what your organisation is like It can reflect back on the company which you work for and it can make them look really bad and very unprofessional. Being unorganised looks like showing up late to work, not being able to finish certain workloads, tasks or projects that have deadlines and not having everything neat and tidy.

Having little organisation skills causes your productivity to shrink and it makes you look bad as an employee because you aren’t doing much and it could lead to bad consequences. Terrible organisation skills can make you stress because nothing will be order or you don’t have everything together and sorted and when that happens stress occurs.

In the business/sales industry stress can be caused by a few types of harassment. There is sexual harassment, physical or verbal abuse. Harassment and bullying are really big issues in this day and age. There are people in the workplace that get physically harassed, verbally harassed or sexually harassed. Workers can be threatened or abused by either a co-worker or a customer they are doing business with.

For example, if you are selling a certain item at a firm price and the product won’t get reduced in price, but the buyer insists that it should be reduced. If they know that you won’t budge they could do the immature thing and threaten or abuse you so they can get the item cheaper than what you are selling for. That is classified as harassment. This harassment could be in person (face to face) or even through the phone.

If you have been harassed in any way, then you should take action on this matter immediately and tell someone about it because if you do not speak up about such an important matter then it could happen again in the future. Being harassed in any way possible will cause you stress because it will make you worry about your work life or even your regular life more if someone is threatening or abusing you.

When working in the sales/business industry being given unclear roles and/or responsibilities can cause stress. In every job you have tasks that need to be completed in order for you to succeed, but when you are not given a clear explanation on what jobs to do and how to do them you worry. When not knowing how to do a specific job you worry because you are unsure if you are doing it correctly or not correctly. This can cause stress because you feel as If you may get on trouble for something that is not your fault.

If you don’t understand a given instruction, then you should ask questions about it. If you don’t know how to do a certain job, ask for help. When given unclear instructions it will cause stress because when something is done incorrectly and you were the one to do that job you can be written up for it. Although the question may not ask this but if you are asked to do something and you do not feel very comfortable completing it you don’t have to.

Working excessively long hours can cause stress in the business/sales industry. When you work very long hours it can cause possible health problems, especially if you don’t take breaks during those working periods. Without taking any breaks when working really long hours it can cause a negative impact on both your physical and psychological health. Excessive hours spent working can lead to increased stress hormone, cortisol. When the body is overwhelmed with cortisol it can cause confusion and a wide variety of problems that can affect your health like depression, anxiety or heart disease. Working long hours can cause major exhaustion and then you feel as if you don’t get enough work completed so you feel you have to stay back at work until certain times which can end up being quite late. After working extremely long hours, sometimes you feel that you haven’t done the right amount of working and this staying back becomes regular and as said, it causes major exhaustion, tiredness and even fatigue which can cause stress.

I believe that throughout learning about the common causes of stress when working in the sales/business industry it has made me think that you have to be careful with what you do, how you complete certain tasks. It also has made me think that you have to be as organised as possible otherwise if you aren’t there is a possibility that everything could become muddled up and out of order and then not many jobs with get completed and that will make both you and your business look bad if you are audited.

I also think you should work as hard as you can, but not that hard that you feel exhausted and stressed out 90% of the time and are staying back very late to finish of workloads. Although some points have been restated I think that they should be, because people need to understand about stress. About what it can do to your health and how to prevent lots of it occurring in your daily life or work life. Sales may seem easy, but there are quite a lot of challenges. It can be more than just numbers on a piece of paper. Another thing that I have learnt that if you feel extremely stressed that you could meditate. You can possibly try and meditate during each break that you take while working really long hours. It can help let the mind flow and keep you stress levels low.

Through my research I’ve learnt that yes it if crucial to work hard and efficiently and that stress is one of the most common causes of health problems when working in the sales/business industry or just in any industry. I have learnt that not only is good to work really hard but it is also crucial that you take more than one small break to make sure you don’t overdo yourself or overwhelm yourself in work. When given unclear roles you need to ask for further help or further information about the instructions given out especially if you are really stuck.

In summary, stress is a crazy problem. When you worry about something you stress about it. When you are given large amounts of work to complete by certain deadlines that can cause stress. Having large amount of work is the most common cause for stress, I think it would help relieve certain amounts of stress if someone were to have smaller workloads.

If you aren’t earning enough money, that can cause stress. When you aren’t making enough money that makes you look bad as an employee because if you aren’t making enough money for the company you are a part of it makes the business look bad. If you aren’t making any money at all for your business, then that does really make the company look bad and that could possibly lead to the boss having to fire you.

If you have terrible organisation skills, there is the possibility of it reflecting back on you and possibly the rest of your co-workers or business, it can make you look really bad as an employee. Having organisation as a skill is probably one of the most important things to have as it makes you look prep and well organised, especially in sales because you will have to keep your numbers and sales in order.

When working in sales there is a chance where you can get harassed sexually or physically or verbally abused and that can make you feel uncomfortable which makes you stress about your job.

When given unclear roles or instructions that can make you stress quite a lot because you are unsure of whether you are doing something correctly or incorrectly. If you are really unsure of something, ask for help or ask for a further explanation so you do everything correctly. For some places there might even team talks, you could ask your questions there and can get further help with your situation.

Working extremely long hours causes stress because It makes you feel very tired and exhausted which could lead to not enough productivity in your job. If you are staying back to finish work and are staying back longer than you really should or even if you are doing the work at home, make sure to take multiple breaks throughout that period. If breaks aren’t taken, then health problems may occur.

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