Process Of Adaptation In United States

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Adaptation is something we all learn about, whether it’s in a nature documentary or your high school biology class. To adapt is to change, and the United States is changing. Since the Great Depression, there has been an rapidly increasing need for labor. Since hyper-individualism has taken over our lives, we feel as though we need to buy more and more to make us happy. Therefore it is obvious that we would need workers to sell us these goods, but we aren’t adapting to the labor needs of this country. As a hyper-individualistic society, we have been brainwashed into thinking that we should go for the most obscure field of practice, in hopes that we will make exuberant amounts of money so that we may live a “cushy” lifestyle. People go to college with their career path already ingrained in their minds. Many may want to become doctors, or lawyers, or maybe even astrophysicists. You put in all this effort, take as many course as your time will allow, and scrape by on a minimum wage job that barely covers your rent let alone tuition fees. Finally, you achieve your goal and are handed your degree. As you look around for a position, though; you’re shocked to realize that there are no jobs available. You’re angry, frustrated, you may even feel betrayed. It had been hammered into your skull from day one. Get good grades. Go to a good school. Get a good degree and you will find a well paying job. Now you’re stuck. You’ve got this degree, and yet you have no use for it. Since you were on a strict academic plan to reach your goal, you have no other skills. The best you can do is find work at a lesser paying job, most commonly in the food industry where there always seems to be a labor shortage. This phenomena, where people are unable to find jobs in their specific field, has been caused by a lack of economic equality, a direct result of hyper-individualism.

This whole concept of not being able to find a job in such a restricted area is the result of the American economy being unable to adapt to a plentiful workforce. Too many people are going to school with a set path in mind, and they never steer clear from it. Only to be dismayed when they can not find a job in their field and are left unable to do anything else because they have no other skills. For example, if dentistry were to be completely outlawed in the state of washington, my mother would be unable to find work at any high paying job. She went to school with her focus set on dentistry. She did, however; major in biology so she could do much more menial work such as a lab technician. She would not be able to find a position where she makes as much as she does now, being a dentist. My father went to college for the simple joy of learning, taking psychology classes, history classes, math classes, and dozens more. He could find work in nearly any area if times got tough.

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To answer the question–no, the United States has not adapted to having more workers since the American economy is unable to provide jobs to those that need them. Too much emphasis is being placed on hyper-individualism. people want to be their own person, they want a set career path that only they follow so that they can do something no one else does or very few people dop in hopes of making a lot of money.


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