Procrastination Prevents from Achieving Your Goals Effectively

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No one is born a procrastinator, and procrastination is the bad habit that should have been defeated. In the article by Dr. Gail Saltz, “How to get Unstuck Now”, she talks about the different causes for procrastination, and some of the ways that can help us stop it. She explains that almost everyone occasionally procrastinates but not everyone is a chronic procrastinator.

According to Saltz, different from laziness, fear is the main reason for procrastination, and it could be cataloged into four types: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of control and fear of boredom. I agree with Saltz’s point that procrastination is a difficult habit; therefore, knowing the obstacles and taking some specific actions to cure the problem is essential. Throughout my life, procrastination from fear of failure has caused me a lot more academic and career difficulties that I will discuss; however, it’s been a blessing because it also taught me how and achieve my goals effectively. Growing in an Asian family is perhaps different from what you could ever imagine. Since I was a little girl, my parents already set the unrealistic standard and high expectation for me. I was frequently told what to do and what not to do. During my high school, I constantly need their approval for my homework assignments and outgoing activities. As a result, the fear of letting my parents down caused me to procrastinate in college. Not to mention, procrastination carries with so many negative feelings. I constantly experience a lack of confidence, concentration, and motivation. With a mindset of perfectionism, to avoid doing something, I always give excuses about the ability to get it done. For example, I would rather watch television than writing my paper that due tomorrow morning.

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When facing an uninspired task, I always think “This task holds no interest for me unless it is so last minute as to be perilous and thrilling”(Saltz). The consequence of putting some important tasks off is having a bad grade during my college years; However, the feeling of disappointing my parents is simply my basic instinct. Saltz says “The result of emotional stories that each of us carried around inside us”. As a human being, fear is simply a normal emotion to each of us. In my work environment, procrastination especially happens because I have lost sight of an achievable goal and overwhelmed by the tons of thing that I have to do. I find myself procrastinating frequently because of the unrealistic goal that my parent set for me. They wanted me to be the best broker of the month. As a real estate broker, networking is extremely important, but I would rather do paperwork in my office than showing homes to customers. I could be at the location in the last minutes if they really want my presence there. I also exaggerate how difficult the task is, as well as the consequences of not doing it right.

As a result, I blew so many opportunities of selling homes away. Saltz also talks about the difficulties for people who care about others concern and try to be perfect in every task. It is because of their fear of failure. I am overly concerned about how my parent reacts more than what could I have done to be an enthusiastic real estate broker. Apparently the fear of failure could be the reason I do not complete tasks successfully, I procrastinate to escape; However, the longer I put off the task, the more difficult it appears to be. Once I realize that procrastination is a waste of time, and it affects my personal and professional life profoundly. It also has a negative impact on my health with all the worries and constant stress. When I recognized the reasons for procrastination within myself, I started to change my behaviors. Saltz advises that “The actual cost of not doing it is greater than the imagined fear of getting it done”.

After all, failure in achieving my goal cost me more than the feeling of disappointing my parents. Without a doubt, I started to set specific and attainable goals in the rest of my academic years and future career. I learned valuable lessons from Saltz that to avoid procrastination I also need to improve learning behavior, change bad habits, take responsibly in a hasty manner for all of my actions rather than blaming the situation. As a result, my grade is getting better. Although I am not the broker of the month like my parent’s wish, I still have a big sum of potential customers that will help me succeed in my career. Procrastination will only hold me back in whatever I want to pursue in life. I am so young to deal with so much delayed satisfaction in my life, so procrastination is not a wise choice.

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