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Productivity Management Group

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Productivity Management Group (PMG) is a small enterprise of Business Consulting which includes three verticals namely, Business Excellence, ISO Consulting, and Training. Productivity Management Group was established in 2001 which then had one person working as a freelancer. Later on, few others were added to the list and now it has a director supported with six lead consultants and two consultants working for it. It holds good experience in providing consultation to the manufacturing sector, and is working on getting more number of projects from the service sector as well. To be a well-known consultant one has to have very good knowledge base, Productivity Management Group has a very unique open work culture, people are self-driven and self-motivated to enhance their knowledge base and provide state-of-the-art solutions by demonstrating their own method of execution. The company has an inspiring vision and unique way of engaging the clients in performing tasks and activities. Productivity Management Group provides a wide spectrum of services to its patrons and a number of opportunities for its hirelings to manage the projects.

Multi-sectorial consultative experience enables the company to take up projects of enhancing productivity, kaizen, quality and customer delight. As the company consists of highly experienced fleet as well as young enthusiasts, the knowledge sharing happens in a better way so that the young consultants take up challenging projects. Currently, company operates only from a single location and is gradually executing the multi-locational operations as well, so as to increase the visibility as well as marketing and sales. The best practices approach and continuous improvement on all products, modus operandi and services help the clients’ organizations to realize world-class standards. As Productivity Management Group is a small consulting firm, the functioning is simplified and personalized for each and every client organization which receives services.

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Due to heavy competition, the consulting firms face nowadays, apart from providing best-in-class services to their customer’s firms also need to have a proven marketing and sales skills so as to make themselves visible to their clients in all the possible search platforms. PMG understands that popularity and visibility come from continual efforts and learning, it has a special team to perform Marketing & Sales activities which is facilitated and trained to perform well and sail through excellence. Through these activities, the company is now visible in various search platforms and seen as one of the fast-growing consulting firms’. Customer inquiry is the first step in functioning, Clients’ seek various services among the ones listed on the website or for other services through different media. As every inquiry is very important, consultants respond to the inquiries in a very professional manner to see that most of the inquiries lead to engagement of the consultants. When a project is received, it is assigned to the consultant who has a good knowledge regarding the subject.

The consultant builds a proper strategy and roadmap to deal with the project in order to provide state-of-the-art solutions to the customers well within the timeline specified. While the project is being executed, providing the solution is not only the responsibility of the consultants but they must also engage the customer organization to interact and take part in the activities being performed throughout the project execution. With this approach, customers’ receive solutions as well as become aware of how the solutions were derived so that in the future the clients’ can deal with the similar problems themselves. The well-structured way of understanding the customer needs and solving their issues using systematic tools and techniques provide customers the best possible solutions which will not only address their requirements but also delight the customers.


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