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Due to my interest in scientific subjects since secondary school, I found it was not much of a hard decision to make when choosing to study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology as my A levels. Initially my interest in science leaned towards biomedical sciences and the research aspect of it all. However after completing numerous previous work experience placements, including working as a Laboratory Assisstant at the University of Sunderland, I was certain that the broad field of nursing was more suited for me. At my 6th form I completed beginners British Sign Language classes for my enrichment and I also joined in a Makaton session during a twelve week placement at a special needs school. These are something I am interested in continuing in the future because I understand the importance of being able to use specific communication methods to get over different communication barriers. I would like to be more confident in doing so by developing on my knowledge in BSL and other means of communicating as I know how useful it is in careers such as nursing where you meet people with all different kinds of needs.

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Following my work experience placements and programmes at hospitals including South Tyneside NHS Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals plus the Royal Victoria Infirmary, I came to a gradual realisation that a nursing career was for me. During my time in the wards and different environments I learnt how vital it is to be patient and to work as a multidisciplinary team. To have the opportunity of meeting countless new people every day is what further strengthened my interest in nursing. Nurses encourage their patients to look after their own health. They have the ability to make decisions and support the diverse needs of individuals in their care.

From a very young age, I believe my innate desire to help people in need and make a positive difference to people’s lives has lead me to want a career in nursing in the future. Throughout their lives many family members, including my sibling, have received constant care and education valuebable towards their good health from nurses and other healthcare professionals. This was the moment that inspired me and I acknowledged how much of an impact nurses had on an individual’s life. Empathetic, caring and compassionate. These are only a few of the many admirable qualities that the nurses from my personal experience possessed. I have always wanted to work in a healthcare setting and I believe the friendly community of nursing within the NHS is something I would enjoy being a part of.

One of the main reasons why I am interested in nursing is because it will help fulfil my ambition of supporting and treating others. Most importantly it is the satisfaction that the whole experience will bring by playing a huge part in improving people’s lives for the better. In particular, the opportunity to be able to see how offering basic support changes a patient’s life in a beneficial way for them is certainly something that would fill me with great pride which is what further reinforces my desire to work within care as a nurse.

Nursing is immensely rewarding and has a huge impact on the world we live in today as nurses play a significant role being at the forefront of the healthcare system. They are the heart and soul of the healthcare system as they are the ones who spend the most time with the patients, therefore forming a personal relationship with them. Transforming healthcare in order to meet modern health challenges, nurses are able to With one of the most far-reaching roles as a healthcare professional, in today’s society nurses are an important advocate in promoting health and wellbeing for the public and their patients, educating them on the prevention of illness and injury.

A nursing profession is challenging. Exciting. I look forward to the new skills and opportunities nursing presents in the future.

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