Professional Identification: Reasons Why I Deserve a Promotion

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Personal SWOT analysis:
  • Strength:
  • Cognitive Approach to Learning
  • Humanistic Approach to Learning


Professional identification means a social identification and the degree to which an individual can define themselves as a professional member. Today's world is very competitive and existing is this competitive world is very essential. Skills and ability is the only key for existing in this world. For the expected job or promotion skills is the only key. Employee always requires qualities for achieve job. The employee has to fulfill those requirements to exist in the company. So to make a professional identity is very essential to create a unique characteristic. Professional identity can be created by increasing skills and the ability to cope with the changing situation. Professional identity is needed for gaining a job. The employers always want an employee who has a professional identification.

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Ongoing professional development benefit both the employee and employer in the organization. The benefit of ongoing professional development is given below:

  1. Competent employees: A competent employee is needed for attaining the objective of the organization. Every employer of the organization always searches for competent employees and try to recruit them. A skilled employee can do work in the organization more efficient and reduce the wastages of the organization and make the organization profitable. So professional development helps employers to search for competent employees.
  2. Knowledgeable: It is very essential to make employee knowledge up to date. By the professional development program, the employee can make them up to date (Anon., 2016). The environment is changing to cope with this changing situation it is mandatory to update that knowledge. The marketing manager must need knowledge of recent hotel conditions in the UK.
  3. Competitive advantages: By the professional development program the employer of the organization makes them fit for the competition. It is very urgent to shape the employer of the organization and make the theme self-efficient than another employer of the organization. They are the human asset of the organization by proper investment in this sector organization can achieve the goal easily.
  4. Opportunities: The professional development program gives different opportunities to the employer in the organization. The London Marriott hotel gives the different opportunity to the employer for their development.
  5. Brand image: London Marriot hotel is one of the finest hotels in London. For the brand image, people choose this hotel for their accommodation. The management uses this image for their business growth.
  6. Promotion facility: For promotion professional development is play a vital role. This can help a lot in the promotion.

According to the scenario, I am a hospitality manager at the London Marriott Hotel in the UK. Now I am looking for a promotion in this hotel. Now I asses myself and find out the skills, abilities, and competencies.

Personal SWOT analysis:


  1. Ability to work in the pressure
  2. Communication skills and convincing ability.
  3. Ability to plan for a day and accomplishes all the tasks.
  4. Multi language efficiency is preferable most.
  5. Handling a large number of the client at a time.
  6. Quick response to the actions.

Have a sound technical and technological knowledge.


  1. Lack of different language knowledge.
  2. Lack of time management power. Need a large amount of time for execution.
  3. Lack of planning knowledge.
  4. Poorly prepared for heterogonous client requirements.
  5. Lack of sound technological knowledge.


  1. Opportunity for promotion.
  2. Experience of different matters.
  3. Expanding knowledge depth.
  4. Make good relation with the foreign people.
  5. Increasing language skills.


  • Technological change and update create a threat for the manager.
  • Expand the business and increase the number of tourists in the season time.
  • Change the process and policies of the hotel.

If I want a promotion, I can easily overcome my barriers as I know the strength and weaknesses of myself. So I can improve my skills and abilities where I have lacking. Approaches to learning refer to the skills and behaviors that people use to engage in learning. Learning theories and approaches used for personal and professional development processes are being discussed below.

Behaviorist approach to learning: Behaviorism deals with how environmental factors, called stimuli, affect observable behavior which is called the response. (Kelly, 2012) It is different from most other approaches because it views people and animals as controlled by their environment and also states that we are the result of what we have learned from our environment. Behaviorist explanations only refer to observable stimuli and responses and ignore everything else is why it is explanations.

Cognitive Approach to Learning

This theory deals with the way information is processed by learners. It views students as active in an internal learning process that involves mental activities like thinking, remembering, learning and using language. The cognitive theory maintains how one determines one’s feelings and behaviors. The real objective of this approach is to change the learners by encouraging them to use appropriate learning strategies.

Humanistic Approach to Learning

Humanistic approaches to learning are concerned with the principles of humanism. This theory of learning refers to learning through watching the behaviors of others and the results occurring from those behaviors. This theory tends to be highly value-driven and focuses more on what ought to happen rather than what does happen. The basic concern in this theory is the human potential for growth. Construct a development plan to enhance chosen skills and competencies within a specific work context.

A development plan indicates how one can develop his or her skills. As I am a hospitality manager I need lots of skills and competencies. Here I need a proper plan to development myself and skills for giving better service.

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