Professional Identity in Nursing and Nursing Philosophy

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  • What is a Professional Nurse?
  • Nursing Metaparadigm
  • The Profession of Nursing Itself

Nursing has meant a lot to me throughout my whole life. I have had a lot of past experiences in the medical field with my CNA degree. I hope to soon fulfill my goal of being able to have my own future experiences working as a nurse as well. I always wanted to grow up and achieve my lifelong dream of being a nurse. Being involved in Health Occupations my senior year of High School, and working at Runde Clinic helped me decide that this was the right career for me. I have developed a lot of personal values as working for a CNA and I am more than excited to expand my knowledge and understanding in the future.

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What is a Professional Nurse?

A professional nurse to me is someone who can fulfill the best possible needs for someone who is in need of help. Being a professional nurse provides a lot of values and beliefs to an individual’s life. As a nurse I will have the ability of helping people out, which was one reason that made me very eager to get to that point. I decided to do Health Occupations my senior year in high school. I knew I always wanted to be a nurse, but I was always worried that I would end up not liking it. Going through clinicals in Health Occupations changed my whole perspective about the nursing profession. It made me have so much respect for the nurses in the field and it led me to want to be a nurse myself. Being able to make someone’s day by doing a simple task is just truly inspiring (Hart, 2011, p.15). I have gotten the opportunity to be able to make a patient’s day a number of times working in the health department. It makes me feel like I made a major difference in someone’s life. Being able to do this every day would be truly amazing and something that I want to do with a passion.

Nursing Metaparadigm

The four components of the nursing metaparadigm are used every day by a professional nurse. The metaparadigm consists of the person, the environment, the health of the patient, and nursing. The person that is being cared for by the nurse should be the number one priority. One of the nurse’s main job is to make sure the person in need is satisfied and comfortable in order to exceed their happiness. Keeping the environment safe and clean is a very important job to fulfill so the patient is content. The nurse who is working also needs to keep a happy environment by giving the patient and their family members condolence and sympathy (Carol et al. 2008, p. 7). Keeping the family members happy will make the nurses job a lot less stressful. Making sure the patient’s health stays where it needs to be is a very crucial job. Simple tasks like washing your hands or even wearing your gloves when you are supposed to can decrease the patient’s chances of getting sick (Carol et al. 2008, p.7). Nursing is the last component of the metaparadigm. Being a nurse is a very responsible job. The nursing job is a major key because one little mess up could change a patient’s life forever. Therefore, by being the nurse, it is important to be very engaged and passionate about the job.

The Profession of Nursing Itself

I believe being a nurse is a very valuable trait to have. Nursing is not about being a maid or a pillow fluffer, it’s about making a difference and saving people’s lives (Hart, 2011, p.15). Nursing is about the skills you developed, how you use them in your every day job, and developing new ways of doing things (Carroll et al. 2007, p. 7). Using my skills will help me be the best nurse I can possibly be. By the year 2025 I hope to be an alumnus of Lakeview College of Nursing. Once I graduate, I am also hoping to find a job working in a hospital. I plan on working at either Carle or Sarah Bush with my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Those two hospitals have always been my dream job and number one priority. Hopefully sooner or later I will be out in the nursing field making a difference in an abundance of people’s lives.

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