Professional Presence and Influence and My Personality Results

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In this paper, I will be discussing my thoughts and opinion’s on models of healing, professional presence, nursing practice, and my personality results and also professional presence and influence. Knowing how different models of health and healing can work differently for everybody can help the healing process and make decide for some easier.

According to Koerner (2011), three areas as it pertains to the models of healing. Era I defined as the machinal era, era II seen that consciousness and beliefs systems impact the health and healing of the body. Which is why Era II is labeled the mind body era. Era III is the body mind-spirt or can be known as the bio-psycho-social era.

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I am going to compare Era I and III. Era I started in 1860 and was also seen as the mechanical era while focusing on illness and how it directly effected the physical body. Era I did not focus on the mind at all. Era III started in 1990’s and was more focused that health and healing was integrated which included the body, mind and spirt. Era III recognized that consciousness and belief systems impacted the health and healing of the body.

I am seeing that my profession presence is so much different than Era II. I have a hard time seeing my patients as a mind, spirit connection with their health conditions. I have would rather as a nurse give injections or perform a lab on my patients rather than discussing feelings and how they are feeling spiritually or finding relaxing techniques that work for their healing. I do respect patients wishes if they want to refuse a medication or a lab, I do not pressure them. I still have compassion and treat them with respect. I do want patients to do what works best for them in the end and will not force my preferences on them.

My professional presence is mindful of others because I do understand that not everyone is the same nor are, they going to respond the same. They cannot just treat every patient as if they are just going through an assembly line. I try to uphold anything a patient wants and requests within reason. I do not want to push my ways onto others or try to change the way they believe. Something may work for some patients and may not for others. Sometimes I do find myself becoming distracted by some patients’ choices or why they don’t want to vaccinate their children but will give them medication for ADHD. I try to understand their reasons before I judge or let that get in the way of my interactions with them.

I think this test was mostly correct about me and how I deal and feel in certain situations, like work or with friends. It says that sometimes I must hide my wit but other times I can show how fun and humorous I can be which is true. Usually, when I meet or have to train new staff at work I can not just start with my normal behaviors and personality because it’s strong and often can someone could take me the wrong way. I did not agree with it saying I find it hard to be spontaneous because I can go for a long weekend to the beach or decide to go out with my friends at the very last minute without any problems.

These results align with my relationship now because my finance and I do not have to spend every single minute together and I like it that way, as the test said I do not have to be surrounded by people all the time. As far as my career goes, I am a nurse manager, so I am very organized, detailed organized and on time with projects and employee needs. This does show in my personality test. This test also is consistent with my favorite actives because I often like to be in control and I plan parties at my house, allowing me to be in control of the date, times, food choices. I also enjoy spending time with family and my animals so I am surrounded by people who I love and love me in return without any motive.

Challenges and barriers are things I am currently dealing with at work, one being with communications and the other with trying to have my staff make better decisions. I see now after the personality test that I am somewhat hard to deal with if I was a person of the opposite type. I believe in what I am saying, and I want everything to be done a certain way, in order and a timely fashion because that is the way I see it and I believe that is what best practice is in my office. I also just say what is on my mind and how I feel about situations others often can see that as rude or aggressive.

Physical- To meet the needs of my body and to keep its wellbeing, I will exercise more regularly. I do get plenty of steps in as a nurse and I also try to stay active with my 3 dogs and two children. I will also try to eat more balanced meals during the week. I get in a rush sometimes with sports and working overtime that I often do not plan meals and grab junk to eat.

Vital/Rhythmic- To fulfill my bodies vital and rhythmic needs I will watch how much time I am spending on my cell phone during the day and especially at night when I am trying to settle down. Getting to bed easier and sooner can help me in the morning not feel so stressed about getting to work. I will start to read more, and this will help me with the goal of staying off the cell phone also. Reading at night will help calm me and get me ready for bed at night without all the screen time.

Mental/emotional- I will try to work on my emotions and expressing them more often when I am feeling them. Often, I wait until they have got the best of me because I let someone know and that causes unnecessary stress. I will try to connect with my close friends that I do not get to see often and make a lunch date or shopping trip. Just getting to talk to someone and vent will help my mental needs.

Biographical/Spiritual- I am going to start reading the bible more often and try to understand the meaning of what spirituality is and how it can help me in my life. I will also try and start doing breathing exercises. I often get frustrated with either my children, dogs or even my employees I am reasonable for at work and having a good breathing exercise would help my spiritual needs and overall health/focus.

Two optimal care environments that I have found are Good Samaritan hospital and John Hopkins hospital. I have found both offers all 3 external, internal, external and behavior elements of care. An internal environment is when the patient has made a conscious decision toward health and healing (Skallaris, 2015).

According to Good Samaritan they show the internal by using the plane tree model for patients. This allows for patient centered care and the patients perspective to help improve their medical care. Also putting the patients and what decisions and choices they want first. This facility also offers Music, stories, movies and access to the digital world. Aqua tanks. They offer so much for the patients’ families like kitchens, family spaces and a chapel.

John Hopkins also uses the internal element through the Emmi program. It’s a program they use through a web based educational program for patients and caregivers with step by step information about chronic conditions and how to prefer for future procedures. (John Hopkins, n.d). This facility also offers a calming environment with gardens and art structures to enhance the calm feeling for patients.

My self-awareness gained from the internal, interpersonal, behavior and external behaviors will help me in my current position and setting because I work in a clinic where I am the clinical supervisor, I most of the day do not work directly with patients at the bedside. I am involved in knowing if the parents of my pediatric patients have complained or important medication questions and details of the visit because I am the only Registered Nurse at the clinic, I have been given the task of all the medical questions and advise. I will be able to help patients be more comfortable in the office and hopefully provide a better quality of care by giving them a conducive environment. The Internal environment will help my provide patients a great place to come for their sick visits, checkups or whatever resources are needed. Behavioral environment will help the patients make their health care decision after receiving all that necessary information from the healthcare provider. After using and gaining knowledge about all these factors I will be able to provide better patient care and be more mindful.

Whatever medicine someone’s choices to believe in or follow for themselves, is not any of my business. Even though I decided to go one way does not mean that that other remedies or medication could not work for someone else. Ultimately, I am a nurse and healing are the goals for anyone. No one should be judged for those decisions. My beliefs and the way I treat myself and family will remain the same.

I have had many influences in my nursing career, including patients that I will never forget and some that for whatever reason I can never remember when they came back to the clinic. I try to think back on how I have been influenced by many decisions that are not mine but the patients or parents. I believe they have impacted me because they are decisions I would not make for my children or myself, but I can understand how wanting to try that approach could bring peace to someone.

My personality test was pretty much spot on and I answered the questions honestly. Some areas just touched some of the traits I exhibit but overall a great quiz. I can also see how based on these results I have chosen my friends and even spouse. Challenges are hard to deal with sometimes with being clinical supervisor and using communication with others, trying not to come off the wrong way is something I still need to work on. Overall, I have made some great goals regarding my physical, vital, mental and spiritual self. I am going to try and stick with these goals to the best of my ability because I do think it is important.

Healing environments was something I had not thought a lot about. It was good to see that many healthcare facilities are trying to improve healing and patient satisfaction with it. I am excited to see how this grows in all healthcare because I know it will, it will change how people are seeing the hospital or Long-term care. Overall, I think I have taken so many valuable lessons from the personality test and how it related to me truly. I will continue to grow as a nurse and a person, in general, expressing myself and learning more about how I am feeling about certain topics or other health preferences.


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