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Professional Psychologist Vs Pseudo Psychology

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Professional psychology believes that the basic entry level is ideally a master’s level of training conducted under strict control conditions (Korman, 1976). It emphasizes on giving credence and competency based education for one to be termed as a professional psychologist (Kaslow, 2004).On the other hand, in pseudo-psychology, the word pseudo is interpreted as ‘false.’ Hence, pseudo psychology is whatever takes the form of psychology but does not attain fully to its description. Rather, it is a form of psychology that differs from sciences (Christian, 1918).

In light of these definitions, the fact that some businesses now promote the ability to help people expand their minds beyond virtual reality is in itself a form of pseudo psychology. This is because in reality, the entry level to business is mere capital as opposed to high-level education as professional psychology demands. As such, according to professional psychology, the only true way for people to expand their minds is through education, and a high- level education to be precise (Ronald, 2018). Q.2 Social work is in society perceived as taking care of humanity in order to bring about quality of life, devoid of poverty, diseases and catastrophies (Rachel, 2013).

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As such, being a social work practitioner, it is crucial to consider people’s diverse backgrounds in order to treat them equitably as opposed to equally for fairness. For instance, when interacting with people from diverse cultures, I would consider several points as outlined by Queensland Government Language Services Policy (2005): That everyone has their own unique way of doing things, hence a unique cultural description, which is dynamic. While there are differences within different cultural contexts, one is at leave to choose which culture to identify with. Cultural, ethnic or race differences could be brought about, for example, due to having refugees, asylum seekers, or migrants. As such, while interacting with them and assisting them access social services, it would be paramount to be guided by the principles of access and equity, respect for diversity and ensuring everyone’s welfare (Queensland Government Language Services Policy, 2005).

According to Rachel (2013), when interacting with people, it is important to take note of heterogeneity such as demographical differences, language proficiencies and degrees to which they identify with a particular language. All this can be done without assumptions and asking for clarifications in case of unclear phenomena. In practice, it would be paramount to understand the repercussions of discrimination and racism to address inequalities. Effective approaches to practice would include using appropriate language terminologies to avoid stereotypes, and developing cross-cultural competence, keeping detailed records of diversity in culture, races and ethnicities (Immigrant Women’s Support Service, 2002). It would also include enhancing communication skills (Lynch. & Hanson, 2004), while utilizing interpreters in cases of different ethnic languages (Queensland Government Language Services Policy, 2005).

Furthermore, it would be paramount to establish links with service providers and diverse ethnic community organisations (Queensland Government Language Services Policy, 2005) in order to suit the needs of an ethnic group of people. Utilizing culturally appropriate placements (Thorburn, Chand, & Procter, 2005) and responses (Victorian Settlement Planning Commtitee, 2005) would also be crucial. In conclusion, the most important aspect in social service is the relationship between a social work practitioner and the society receptive of their services. Good relationships would enhance better service delivery to the community in totality of diversity (Thorburn, Chand, & Procter, 2005).


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