Professional Wrestling Gender Biased Or Just an Illusion?

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I have chosen to research ‘ Does professional wrestling is gender-biased?’ If yes, then up to what extent wrestling is gender biased and how it affects their professional career and life. Wrestling has always had controversy surrounding it for male and female wrestlers as many people believe women get less appreciation than what they deserve and the business is still male dominant. I would like to explore how much potential each female wrestler brings to the ring and how much appreciation they get whether it’s men or women what is the social structure of the wrestling around the world? Knowing that professional wrestling is just a violent act performed by the wrestlers to engage the audience by entertaining them, undeniably, in decades wrestling has changed so does its structure, more women have been launched in the recent years than ever in the past. I would like to dig deeper to discover what and when did the transition occur? Whether the Social structure improved. Whether Wrestling is gender biased, or it’s just an illusion?

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Wrestling was introduced in 1896 then why it took so long for the women to become a wrestler or why are the women wrestling speeded up in the later years? Do women get the same respect as men in that business? From my childhood memory, I remember playing trump cards of wrestlers and watching wrestling with my brother on the weekend as he was the one who loved watching it and pretended to be like them. I always noticed wrestlers used to bring hot, sexually appealed women with them wearing a bra and panties. Maybe it can be a lack of my knowledge I hardly know about any women wrestler or the women wrestling was not that famous 20 years ago as it is now. Why women were only considered as a sexual object? I believe their ability was much more than just coming and showing off their body. Why men athletes got competed in the Olympic of freestyle wrestling earlier than women athletes? This topic is important as I speculate if Hulk Hogan has received a lot of recognition, then why not any specific women too, if someone looks up in the internet and search about ‘famous wrestlers’ subsequently only a list of male wrestlers shows up. I desire to see the woman’s wrestlers name on the internet too without typing ‘women wrestlers’. Wrestling between man and woman is not seen often even though wrestling is for everyone, but not between everyone. Intergender wrestling has always been a subject of critic because of which WWE no longer holds intergender wrestling matches. Women are physically strong and they should get equal opportunity and recognition as male.

My Archive (reading list) below I’ve provided will help me support in finding out the answers to all the questions I encountered in my proposal. Through my reading list, I’ll gather the required/important piece of information to provide evidence of the gender discrimination in the wrestling world and the history of women wrestling. In addition, it will aid me by relying on validation and accurate useful sources to ensure that my research paper is based on facts and data. The aim of my research is not to criticize any gender or race it is to find the facts about gender inequality rumours of the wrestling business and to get a better understanding of the evolution of women wrestling world.

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