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Profile of Turkey Brief background about

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The republic of turkey formerly the Ottoman Empire is a modern and dynamic powerhouse founded in 1923 considered to be part of both Asia and Europe. The predominantly Muslim country has access to three seas namely Aegean, the Black and the Mediterranean and is neighbors to countries Greece and Bulgaria to the west, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania to the north and northwest (through the Black Sea), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to the east, and Syria and Iraq to the south. The nation is a long standing principle towards world developments and progression as it is on one the founding members of the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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Interesting facts about the way of life in Turkey:

Turkey is a diverse and multi cultured nation bragging an in-depth heritage as illustrated by several historical monuments and places which have become a massive tourist attraction and a way in which the country has thus are been able to tell its story of existence. In spite being largely Muslim, the citizens’ o turkey have greatly been known as a welcoming, friendly and hospitable people.

The Turkish culture is vastly rich and influenced by surrounding nations as It is notable as being the point where east meets west and as a result it is common to see both Mediterranean and Asian influences in Turkish culture and society, particularly in food, fashion and lifestyle. The most spoken language in Turkey is Turkish, however the country does have influence rom the Arabic and Latin language too, while English is slowly being integrated into society though education and westernization. On a more natural note, Turkey has amazing sceneries, with wild forests, un-tamed mountains as well as splendid beaches on the coasts. The cities of Turkey are famously known or their architecture design style and rich history. One stand out highlight being, Istanbul (the capital) – a beautiful city, with amazing features among them:

  • Tourist hot spots (Blue Mosque Bosphorus Bridge, and Topkapi Palacek etc.)
  • Recognized sporting houses- Galatasaray and Fenerbache.
  • Fantastic shopping and night-life experience.
  • great place to live, work, and study in.

The climate in turkey is very much welcoming and conducive or summer travel and somewhat bitter winters. Inland areas are generally hotter in summer than coastland cities. The average maximum temperature in Istanbul is approx. 29 C in summer and the average low is approx. 3C. Average temperatures in the Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions is max 35C and average min temperature in Ankara is as low as -7C.

Turkey’s impressive economy:

State of education in Turkey:

Over the turn of the century, Turkey has vigorously striving to expand its education sector and make it very lucrative and accessible to international student’s rom the region and beyond. The country has been speedily growing its reputation over and currently has 108 000 international students from over 180 countries in various forms of its tertiary.

In respect to academic recognition and commitment, Turkey has state of the art universities which have the best intellectual skill in the region with quality education facilities located throughout the whole country. Turkish education institutions at tertiary level offer several programs ranging from undergraduate associate degree right through to post graduate doctoral degree.

The current registered catalogue of universities is 166 universities with 104 being public and the remainder being privately owned entities. The widely used language in government universities is Turkish, thus international students are expected to complete a year Turkish language preparatory school prior to starting their actual program. Meanwhile at private universities the medium of instruction is mostly English with certain fields being taught in Turkish.

The tuition structure in turkey can be closed close to nothing particularly at public universities approx. 240-750 usd in Turkish and$600-1500 in English per academic year. However at private institutions this is slightly high ranging between 6,000 (US) to $20,000 per academic year. That said it should be reiterated that most private institutions offer a mandatory scholarship between 10-50% for all international students to help reduce the financial burden. Or post graduate courses the tuition ranges between 300 – 1000usd per academic year. Click here to easily access specific university and program costs). Turkey has two semester calendar alternating between fall and spring respectively.

Despite most If not all academic fields being provided, common courses for international students are Engineering International Relations, Multicultural Affairs Studies, Medicine Business Management and Hospitality, Tourism, Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean Studies, Law, and Pharmacy among an endless list.

Some of the well know and highly ranked universities in turkey include:

  • Bogaziçi Üniversitesi and Sabanci University (ranked universities at 9th and 13th place in the EECA rankings)
  • Istanbul University Bilkent University and Middle East Technical University (METU) ranked 12th and 14th respectively in the EECA.
  • Yasar University
  • Koç University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Gazi University

As with all international tertiary institutions, universities in Turkey offer similar time frames regarding the length of academic:

  • 2 years for associate degrees.
  • 3-4 years for undergraduate program (with option for summer school reduce timeline, while courses also differ depending on program requirements, internship etc.)
  • 1-2 years for Masters programs
  • 3-4 years or Ph.D. programs

Note: the study timeframe ranges are largely dependent on ones’ type of program, course outline and requirements as well as the learner’s dedication and outcome objective.

As with the rest of the country’s infrastructural advanced nature, the accommodation facilities offered to new students is top class, modern and certainly in a league of its own. Campus accommodation is categorized into single, double triple and quadruple apartments. Living arrangements and prices are based on the individual needs of the student, location of these facilities and type of accommodation arrangement, as universities offer a wide range of tailor made apartments and rooms. In general prices can be approximated to 1,500USD- 3600USD per academic year on campus and 2 400USD-6 000USD off-campus per academic year. Although accommodation may vary, some of the most basic common features include:

  • Wi-Fi access
  • Study desk
  • Single bed
  • Common or private kitchen
  • Private or common laundry facilities
  • Air conditioning in rooms
  • Flat screen TV set
  • Common or in suite washroom
  • 24/7 security

Students are encouraged to secure accommodation before flying to Turkey for studies. Click RocApply for assistance.

Why study in Turkey:

Turkey is a well strategically located nation that acts as a gateway to both Asia and Europe ad is also fairly close to Arica. This geographical location allows or unlimited market opportunities or students to engage and pursue education or employment from a wide range o choices.

Turkey is a safe, very friendly and warm hearted country where students can focus on their studies in an un-hindered and peaceful manner. The local citizens Turks as their known are very much a reserved but kind people who enjoy interacting with foreigners and of course love learning and speaking in English.

As with anyone moving to a new place health and diet is always a concern. Turkey however has all international students covered with a wide range of indigenous and foreign cuisines (international franchises available too) that are not only delicious but a complete treat. Students have nothing to worry about in this regard and will most likely not find themselves missing home any time soon!

The climate in turkey is considerably friendly with most coast land enjoying a beautiful Mediterranean climate to complement the wonderful beach scenery which students can take advantage of in summer. The weather alternates seasonally with pertain areas being wet in winter dry in summer, while other have snowy bitter winters and sunny dry summers.

The influx of foreign students from the region and beyond, is a definite indicator of the highly regarded nature of the Turkish educational system. Universities in Turkey Have advanced facilities and very capable-qualified staff and hence are internationally accredited and ranked. AS such, international students obtain qualifications of the highest level and acceptable world over.

Degrees granted by Turkish universities are recognized across the world and a growing number of programs are taught in English, especially in areas such as engineering, international relations and business. Many of Turkey’s universities have modern campuses and state-of-the-art facilities.

Turkey provides students with an opportunity to attain the highest level of quality degrees at relatively low coat in comparison to European and American nations. Public universities are literally close to free, while private Universities are very much within reach. The tuition encompasses a lot of services including accommodation, health insurance, certification and bus services. Together with low tuitions international students are eligible or numerous scholarships on offer.

The English is fast advancing as medium of instruction particularly at private universities, hence all students are catered for and course interaction is largely productive and involving, while also international students will not be made to eel out of sync with the western world.

Moderate living costs for international students between 300usd – 600usd monthly.

So how does one get started?

To study in Turkey all international students need a visa to travel to the country. The visa procurement process is general easy, straight forward and does not take time (maximum 8 weeks) although this largely depends on which country you are rom. After attaining an acceptance letter students are expected to send in their academic as well as identification documents together with a service fee to the Turkish embassy in their home country. Some of the documents students are expected to produce include:

  • University acceptance letter
  • Filled in visa application form.
  • Current passport valid till end of study in Turkey
  • Visa procurement Service fee
  • Passport-sized photos

Thereafter the student passport is stamped by the consulate and a valid visa is inserted into the applicants’ passport, however the student is required to obtain a valid residence permit upon arrival (within a month) in turkey as visa is only authorized or travel and not stay.


The information provided is subject to ongoing changes and updates, for more accurate information kindly click on ApplyNow to acquire more recent details.

Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?